10 Tips to Use Gloo Wall Like A Pro Player in Free Fire!

Are you a beginner at using Gloo Wall in Garena Free Fire? First, you need to know How to use Gloo Wall? then we will be discussing the tips How you can use Gloo Walls Like A Pro Player.

So basically, when this word comes to you then you build the imagination in which a wall is made up of glue. Maybe I am right, but let me tell you that the work of the gloo wall is very similar to your imagination. This amazing feature exclusively belongs to the Garena Free Fire.

Use Glow Wall Like A Pro Player
Image Credit: Garena Free Fire

When you are in the matches, you can throw this gloo wall to build a temporary shield against the damage done by the opponents. This feature will help you a lot to move forward in the match. I will suggest you not skip this amazing feature if you are looking for something interesting and new. 

If you are a beginner then this blog will be going to be very useful for you. If you know How to use Gloo wall then let me tell you that using Gloo wall in a standing position is not that safe. You need to use it in crouch position if you want to use it as a pro player.  

Tips to Use Gloo wall like a Pro Player

First, you need to change these settings before using the Gloo wall below-

  1. Select Custom Hud from the drop-down menu.
  2. Next, select the General option and increase the general bar to 100. When you’re about to get triggered by the enemy, this will be a seamless maneuver.
  3. Now, go to the control option and set your Gloo wall on the right side.

Let’s look at some pointers on how to use Gloo Wall like a pro plater.

  1. When you see the vehicle coming to you then you need to throw the Gloo wall so that the vehicle could stop and you can grab a shot to the enemy’s head easily.
  2. Don’t believe in your partner blindly. For example; if you are running a car with your partner don’t forget to carry a Gloo wall with you because they can shoot you whenever they want. So, when they are about to shoot you, just get out of the vehicle and throw the Gloo wall in front of the vehicle and start shooting by standing behind the Gloo wall. It will take time for him to get off from the vehicle and at the same time, you can grab a headshot. 
  3. When you are going to enter a building from the ground floor then you need to set two Gloo walls that need to touch with the ground. The first wall should be small and the second wall should be large that can touch the window of the first floor. Just make both walls as stairs. Skip the Ground floor because the enemies are already there to shoot you. So, use your Gloo walls as stairs and reach the first floor directly. Before they know your presence, you can shoot them easily. 
  4. When you want to throw Gloo wall then press the fire button along with Gloo wall. This will help your Gloo wall to take place fast. 
  5. when you are running on the open surface then try to throw Gloo wall on every 5 to 6 meters. This will help you to protect yourself from the gunshot of the enemy.
  6. Try to place Gloo wall in a Crouching Stance.
  7. you need to set the Gloo wall button size before throwing it from 60% to 70%. Do not increase it more. 
  8. If you are fighting with the enemy then he will throw a grenade on you. To protect yourself from hitting by the grenade, you can use Gloo wall to change your position, and then you can shoot him easily.
  9. You can use Gloo wall as a stair and can easily climb. 
  10. You can also use Gloo wall to distract the enemy. Set the Gloo wall and hide behind the Gloo wall. When you hide behind the Gloo wall then the enemy will get confused to grab a kill. 

So, these are all the tips that you can use Gloo wall Like a pro player. You just need to remember to change the custom Hud setting before using the Gloo wall.    

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