5 Best Characters Combo with K in Free Fire!

Garena Free Fire features an extensive cast of characters, each with its unique abilities. Because of their unique features, they are prized assets in the game, and players strive to obtain them. So, if you are also looking for the best character & character combination, you are in right place. We’ll tell you about the 5 best character combos with K in free fire, so you can rule the royale battle.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best character combos with K in Free Fire

5 best characters combo with K in Free Fire

Before moving on to the 5 best character combos with K in free fire, take another look at K’s master ability and two Modes. After all, due to his Master of All skill and two modes, K is one of the most popular choices in Free Fire.

1. Psychology: Recover 2 EP every 2 seconds for a total of 150 seconds.

2. Jiu-Jitsu: Increase your EP conversion rate by 500%.

Also, it takes three seconds to change modes, and the maximum EP increases by 50, allowing them to carry 250 EP in a single match.

Kindly, take note that players can mix, and match combinations based on their preferences, and characters have not been reused to expand the number of alternatives. In addition, all the skills listed below are at their apex.

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Check out the 5 best character combos with K in Free Fire

5) K + D-bee + Kla + Antonio

  • D-bee (Bullet Beats): After the OB28 update, D-bee was added to Free Fire, and he has a unique talent called Bullet Beats. When users fire while moving, their movement speed increases by 15%, and their accuracy improves by 35%.
  • Kla (Muay Thai): Kla is the final piece of the puzzle, and like Antonio, he has a skill that is ideal for Clash Squad. Players that equip Muay Thai will have their fist damage enhanced by 400%, allowing them to quickly dispatch opponents in close ranges.
  • Antonio (Gangster’s Spirit): Antonio has the Gangster’s Spirit ability, which is best employed in character combinations, especially in the Clash Squad game. It boosts their health by 35 points per round, giving them starting health of 235.

4) K + Shirou + Kelly + Maro

  • Shirou (Damage Delivered): Shirou’s Damage Delivered ability is a potent one. If an opponent hits the user inside 80 meters, they are marked for six seconds. Furthermore, the initial shot on the targeted foe increases armor penetration by 100%, followed by a 10-second cooldown.
  • Kelly (Dash): Finally, Kelly has the Dash ability, which boosts the sprinting speed of the players by 6%. The abilities of the awakened version can be used by others who also have the awakened version.
  • Maro (Falcon Fervor): Mohamed Ramadan is the in-game persona of Maro, a well-known character. Depending on their distance, Falcon Fervor increases players’ damage by up to 25%. Damage dealt with specified foes has also been boosted by 3.5 percent.

3) K + Dasha + Rafael + Laura

  • Dasha (Partying On): Dasha is a fantastic character for combining because Partying On has so many consequences. For starters, it cuts down on fall damage and healing time by 50% and 80%, respectively. With this ability, both recoil buildup and maximum recoil are lowered by 10%.
  • Rafael (Dead Silent): Rafael also includes Dead Silent, which allows players to employ snipers and marksman rifles while being completely silent. When an enemy is assaulted or knocked down, they lose 20% of their health.
  • Laura (Sharpshooter): Laura’s Sharpshooter boosts accuracy by 35% and supports users in mid/long-range combat. This is only true while they are scoped in, though.

2) K + Hayato + Moco + Jai

  • Hayato (Bushido): In Garena Free Fire, Hayato possesses the Bushido ability. With every ten percent drop in maximum health, the player’s armor penetration increases by ten percent.
  • Moco (Hacker’s Eye): Moco is another fantastic character in the game. Hacker’s Eye causes foes who are shot to be marked for 5 seconds. The teammates are also given information about their whereabouts.
  • Jai (Raging Reload): For those who enjoy playing aggressively on the battlefield, Jai’s Raging Reload is a great choice. When players take down a foe, the weapon’s magazine is automatically replenished by 45 percent. It only compatible with the AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG guns.

1) K + + Luqueta + Miguel + Jota

  • Luqueta (Hat Trick): Luqueta’s Hat Trick is a fantastic skill that increases players’ maximum health by 25, up to 50, with each frag. It means that after two kills, players will have a maximum HP of 250.
  • Miguel (Crazy Slayer): Miguel’s ability works nicely with K, as each kill recovers a total of 80 EP. As a result, using K’s Jiu-Jitsu mode, users can quickly convert this EP to HP (5 per second).
  • Jota: (Sustained Raids): Sustained Raids was modified a few upgrades ago. Your health is now restored when you hit an opponent with a gun. In addition, knocking them out recovers 20% of their health.

So, there you have it, the 5 best character combos with K in free fire. So, get ready, gamers, because now the battle royale is all yours to win.

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