5 best Free Fire pets for healing and support (February 2022) 

Garena free fire has grown up the collection of free fire pets so fast as the need for free fire players is also increasing. There are so many players who are using the free fire pets because the ability of a pet can double your power. The free fire pets will help you in many situations on the battleground.  

Free Fire Pets

When you are in the battleground of free fire then it is difficult to choose the Free fire pets according to the situation for many free fire players. To resolve this issue, we are here to let you know about some free fire pets by which get heal and support for yourself while fighting with foes.  

Choose Good Pet for Best Combination

All the free fire pets have different and unique abilities and all abilities are amazing that can give you great support in the battleground. If you have a great character then try to select the best pet so that it can be a good combination.  

Free Fire Pets List 

1- Spirit Fox 

The ability of Spirit Fox pet is known as Well Fed. This pet will help you improve the player’s healing in the game. Without any additional cost, the free fire players will be able to restore the health points by 10 percent. This ability will help you in healing on each medkit.  

2- Robo 

the ability of Robo pet in Garena free fire is known as Wall Enforcement. This ability will provide the free fire player extra Défense during the battle. The players will get a shield on each gloo wall and each shield will give you 100 Health points to the wall. If you want to create the ultimate defensive playstyle then you can pair the Robo along with Nairi.  

3- Ottero 

The ability of Ottero in Garena free fire is called Double Blubber. When the free fire players use this ability then they will be able to regenerate the EP alongside the Health points. The players will also be able to recover the health points by 65 percent when they are using the med kit for the treatment of pistol. This ability will allow you to recover a large number of EP without consuming the mushrooms.  

4- Rockie 

Stay Chill is the ability of Rockie in Garena Free Fire. This ability will allow free fire players to increase the character’s combat efficiency during the game. When you are using this ability of this pet then you will reduce the cooldown time by 15 percent during the match.  

5- Detective Panda 

Panda’s Blessing is the ability of Detective Panda. Through the combat, this ability allows the free fire players to regenerate Health Points in Garena free fire. For each killing, the players will be able to increase health points by 10 percent. If you want to get the heal with ease then you can use the combination of Detective Panda along with Jota character in free fire.  

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