5 Best Utility Items in Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a well-known BR game all around the world. Find the weapons, stay in the play zone, pillage your opponents, and survive to the end. Many in-game equipment have incredible skills that each player may use to survive in the battleground, whether it’s a shotgun or a Garena free fire character. Apart from the rifle, numerous players can employ a variety of in-game weapons to combat the adversary & win the battle.

If you want to acquire a tactical advantage, you can use one of the various utility goods found in the game’s store. Users are free to play, however there are some rules that must be followed by all players. If they act against it, they will be subject to a permanent ban.

So, in this article, we will discuss about some useful items that will help you survive longer on the battlefield.

Garena Free Fire

5 Amazing Utility Items in Free Fire 

1- Gloo wall Grenade 

There are numerous uses of Gloo walls in Why Free Fire Max is not banned? . You can use the Gloo walls to block the attacks. Also, you can easily push the opponents to the corner by Gloo walls. You can make stairs by using the Gloo walls to climb anywhere easily. For example; if you want to climb on the building then you can use Gloo walls to make the stairs. When you make the stairs by using some Gloo walls then you can climb easily.  

2- Vest and Helmet 

If you are backed by these items, you will be able to survive. All you have to do is be cautious when facing opponents during the game.

3- Flashbang 

This item is a highly utilized item by the Garena Free Fire players. Players are using this item to blind the opponents in combat. When this item explodes then this will turn the enemy’s screen into white. Without the vision, the player can run to the enemy and can easily shoot before letting them know. When the screen turns white then try to get the best firing position so that you can shoot the enemy without any hassle.  

4- Smoke Grenade 

If you want to pull off the tricky rotations then you can choose the Smoke Grenade. Once you throw this item, this item will produce Smoke that can hide all the things within. The smoke cloud can hide the enemy, players, and also teammates when it is thrown by the player. This item can be used to block the eye vision of the opponents that can help you to take the best shooting position when the enemy can’t see you.  

5- Inhaler 

This item is used by the free fire players to heal & it works like Ottero’s Double Blubber. Also, this item will help you to provide the EP and HP both.  

These were the top 5 items of Garena Free Fire that any free fire player and use to get an amazing gameplay experience.

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