How to acquire unique colorful signature in Free Fire Max (2022)  

A signature in Garena Free Fire MAX is a text that will appear at the bottom right corner of the display. When you visit another player’s profile then you will get to see this feature so that means you can show the signature to someone else only.   

Free Fire Max

The signature is the thing in Garena Free Fire that can be customized as many times as the player want. You will be wonder to know that customizing the signature does not require in-game currency which means you can change it even for free.   

Many players looking for fonts and styles for the signatures but a lot of free fire players are now watching for unique colorful signatures that can get a great impact on the fellow players. Through these stylish signatures along with some colors, you will be able to give a new identity to your free fire account.   

Guide to Get Colorful Signature  

As you are using free fire redeem codes to get in-game premium items, you need to use hex codes if you want to get the colors for your signature. If you want to be a good content creator then you need to use the styles for signatures like other pro players of Free Fire MAX.   

You need to first decide the fonts and text for the signature. When you decided the required thing then you can proceed with the given steps below.  

Step-1 open the free fire MAX application into your device then go to the profile page.   

Step-2 beside the personal name badge, you will get to see the gear option that you need to click.   

Step-3 now click on the text edit button that will appear at the corner of the signature text box. When you click on the edit button then you will be able to enter the desired name. Enter the desired name into the text box along with the hex code so that the signature can be turned colorful.   

Step-4 When you enter the name along with hex code successfully then you need to click on the ok button to complete the process.   

Hex codes for Colorful Signatures in Free Fire MAX  

Aqua – 00FFFF  

Maroon – 800000  

Blue – 0000FF  

Purple – 800080  

Yellow – FFFF00  

Orange – FFA500  

Fuchsia – FF00  

FFGreen – 008000  

Silver – C0C0C0  

Red – FF0000  

White – FFFFFF  

Amazingly, you will be going to get so many colors for your Free Fire MAX signature. You just need to use these hex codes so that you can get the desired colors. As you like unique names for the characters to the unique appearance, the signature is also a part of giving you a unique appearance.   

Open your Free Fire MAX application then copy all these given codes and paste it into the text box of signature along with text then you will successfully get the colorful signature into your Free Fire MAX account.  

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