5 best Free Fire MAX characters for ranked mode   

Garena is the owner of Free Fire and Free Fire MAX and now he introduced a new BR mode for the players of Free Fire MAX. Free Fire MAX is the enhanced version of Free Fire. Before banning Free fire on the Indian server, the developers already introduced this game on the Indian server. We have a lot of things to entertain us from this battle royale title. When it comes to the latest BR mode, the developers added so many additional features like characters and also amazing weapons. Through this guide, we will let you know about the top 5 Free Fire MAX characters that any players can use for the ranked modes.   

Characters for Ranked Mode

As we all know that Garena saved a huge collection of great characters in free fire max and comparing them can be a little task. To make your task easy, I have filtered the top 5 free fire max characters with amazing abilities that you can use to be the last standing person on the battlefield. If you are a newbie then you can also try the characters that I have mentioned below. Without further ado, check out the characters to use in BR ranked modes below.   

List of top 5 Ranked Modes Characters in FF Max  

The characters that I have listed below are amazing and most popular in the free-fire world. If you already have played free fire then you must be aware of the mentioned characters. Check out the characters to rock into the battlefield of Free Fire MAX and let the great impact on other foes.   

1- Chrono  

Many players will be a wonder to know that Chrono’s character is inspired by their real-life personality. The real-life person is a great footballer. The ability of Chrono is “Time Turner” which helps the free fire max players to stop more than the 800 damages even in 6 seconds. Every character has different functions to perform on the battlefield and Chrono is also the most useful character to play with. The amazing thing about this character is, this character of free fire max can create a shield to protect from the shoots and other weapons by the foes.   

2- Wukong  

The ability of Wukong’s character is “Camouflage” which is also a great ability that you can trust blindly. On the arrival of the Free fire ob27 update on the Indian server, the developers of free fire max have introduced this character for the battlefield. You can blindly trust this character to use for the ranked modes. This character can change you into the bush even for 10 seconds which means you can hide yourself being invisible in front of foes on the battlefield.   

3- Skyler  

Skyler is also a real-life-based personality character who is a Superstar and also a CEO of the company. The ability of Skyler is “Riptide Rhythm”. When it comes to this ability, the free fire max players will be able to produce some sort of wave which is known as a strong sonic wave. With this ability of this character, the players will be able to break the gloo walls by 5 meters distance.  

4- DJ Alok  

Who does not know about this character of free fire max? I think no one is here who is still unaware of this character. This character is most powerful and the ability of this character is “Drop the Beat” which helps the players to boost the speed level that can protect them from the target.   

5- Captain Booyah  

Captain Booyah is also known as K in free fire max world and the ability of this character is “Master of All” which sounds like all in one. By using the ability of this character, the players will be able to increase the EP level by 50 percent which is a great amount to survive on the battlefield. 

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