Check Out the Best Free Fire MAX Gun Combos for Endgame Encounters!   

There are several guns available in the Garena Free Fire Max game. Every gun in the game has different functions to perform for example; if you are going to perform in mid-range combat then you will need other guns.

Free Fire Max

If you are going to fight in close-range combat then you will need to choose the gun accordingly. Selecting the gun of long-range combat for use in close-range combat will not be going to work. Talking about the end-game fights, then having the whole information about mid-range guns and close-range guns is a must.   

Garena allows the players to make a combination of characters and also weapons. The right combination will allow you to obtain double power in the game. Want to secure more kills in the game to boost your kill to death ratio by Endgames? Read below to know the amazing gun combination in Free Fire.   

List of Best Gun Combos for Endgame Encounters in Free Fire Max 

Are you confident that if you choose the appropriate gun, it will perform admirably on the battlefield? Well! If you do not receive extra support, you will most likely lose the game. You can use an innovative feature in the game to be the last player standing, just like the other pro players. So, check out these best Free Fire MAX Gun Combos for endgame encounters.

1- Parafal+ MAG-7  

The Parafal is a gun of Free Fire that will allow you to release the higher damage on the opponents. This is an AR gun that will produce the high range and also fastest movement speed after activating. Apart from this, the MAG-7 gun also has all the same features as the Parafal gun. The MAG-7 gun will allow you to store a total number of 8 bullets at one time.   

2- SCAR + MP40  

The Scar gun skin in Garena Free Fire will allow you to boost the fire rate of the weapon. Additionally, this gun has also the power to boost the accuracy of the headshot. The Scar gun will give you the benefits without any doubt but when you equip the skin over the scar then the weapon will lose its actual range.   

Coming on the MP40 gun, obtaining this gun is very simple. This gun can be obtained from the in-game shop anytime. The players will just need to spend around 40 diamonds on it. This in-game gun will give you the power to release the double damage by increasing the fire rate. Unfortunately, the magazine capacity will become low when you will activate it. Having a combination of these two guns will allow you to fight amazingly in both mid-range and close-range combat both.   

3- Woodpecker + M1887  

This gun will release high damage and it will be effective in every stage of the game. When you will use this gun then the fire rate will increase even more and then you will be able to get more kills. Talking about the M1887 gun, undoubtedly, this gun will release high damage but will not be able to give you a high fire rate. The amazing part about this weapon is, that you can reload it even very faster in comparison to the other snipers.   

4- AK + M1014  

The Garena introduced this weapon in October 2020. By using this weapon, you can get the opportunity to boost your level in Free Fire or even Free Fire Max. This is one of the best upgradeable weapons. If we talk about the M1014 gun, this is a shotgun that is supported with SG Ammo. This gun will provide you the damage of 49 with less fire rate.   

5- Groza + VSS  

It has a high damage per hit and the fastest fire rate in the class. In the game, the weapon can also utilize in mid-range and long-range gunfights. On the other hand, VSS is a Sniper Rifle with an SMG armament, however, because of its long range, it is often referred to as a Sniper Rifle.  

These givens are a top 5-gun combination that you can use in Endgames of Garena Free Fire. Utilize the high-damage quality of these guns for eliminating more opponents. 

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