The Street Thug Package is Available from the most recent Free Fire Moco Store Event. Check it Out!  

In the Garena Free Fire OB34 update, you will get to see so many updates inside such as Free Fire characters, bundles, and much more. Have you ever heard about the mystery shop in Free Fire? If yes then you will be easily known about the Free Fire OB34 Store. This is another store of Free Fire after the mystery shop. If you want to claim the amazing rewards of the Free Fire by Free Fire Moco Store event then check out here.

Without a doubt, the Moco Store will allow you to obtain many exclusive in-game items. Moco Store in Free Fire is an event that is available for all players to participate in for claiming the rewards.   

Free Fire Moco Store event

The developer of Free Fire launched the Free Fire Moco Store Event in May 2022 and it will be available for a few days only in the game. However, you will not be going to obtain the available rewards like outfits, skins, and also gloo walls for free. To obtain the available items of the FF Moco Store event, you will need to spend some diamonds which will be low in comparison to the actual price attached with the item in the gaming store.   

When the Moco Event of Free Fire was Launched?  

Free Fire Moco Store event

After the FF World Series tournament, the developer launched the FF Moco Store Event. The Free Fire Moco Store Event was launched on 25th May 2022 and it will available for a few days. After participating in the event, the players will get the opportunity to obtain so many in-game items such as Street Thug Bundle, Gloo Walls, AWM Skin, and also much more.   

List of Grand Prizes in Moco Event   

  • Gloo Wall – Gate to Oblivion  
  • Gloo Wall – Swordsman Legends  
  • AWM – Wavebreaker Kaze  
  • P90 – The Punishers  
  • Street Thug Bundle  
  • Night Bandit Bundle  

List of Bonus Prizes in Moco Event  

  • Name Change Card  
  • Wicked Coconut Backpack  
  • Party Dance emote  
  • MP5 – Hipster Bunny  
  • MP40 – Engineer  
  • AK – Red Samurai  

Rewards to Obtain After Doing the Spin  

  • FFCS Weapon Loot Crate  
  • Weapon Royale Voucher   
  • Mystic Seeker Weapon Loot Crate  
  • Cube Fragment  

Number of Diamonds Require on Each Spin  

  • One Spin = 9 Diamonds  
  • Two Spins = 19 Diamonds  
  • Three Spins = 49 Diamonds  
  • Four Spins = 99 Diamonds  
  • Five Spins = 199 Diamonds  
  • Six Spins = 499 Diamonds  

Steps to Spin for Claiming the Rewards  

Step-1 The Free Fire Players will need to launch the Free Fire application on the device.  

Step-2 From the Event menu, you will need to find out the Moco Store Event and then click over it.   

Step-3 When you click on the Moco Store Event option then several rewards will pop up over the screen.  

Step-4 Select the Free Fire reward that you want and then the game will take you to another screen.   

Step-5 Now, you will need to do the spins by spending the required number of diamonds even on each spin.   

Try your luck by doing the spins and claim your favorite FF reward from Free Fire Moco Store Event. Before doing the spins, you should check out your gaming account that the required number of diamonds you have or not. If not then obtain the diamonds first and then join the Free Fire Moco Store Event to claim your reward. 

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