5 best Free Fire pets for aggressive gameplay (February 2022)  

In Garena Free Fire, the pets are the amazing companions for the free fire characters that you can purchase from the in-game store of free fire. Some players have incredible looks along with amazing skills by which the players will be able to defeat the opponents easily on the battlefield.   

Free Fire Pets

If there is any player who is looking for additional support on the battlefield to defeat the opponent then they should choose the skills of the pets. In the pets of Garena free fire, some pets can use for defensive support and some pets will provide you the amazing assistance in the aggressive gameplay in the free fire.   

If you want to use the pet but you are confused then you need to understand all the abilities and your requirement by which you will be able to decide the correct pet according to the situation, for example; the detective panda and the spirit fox in Garena free fire will help you to get the HP regeneration whereas the Falco pet will help the player to land into the drop spot a few seconds before.   

Pets That Fit for the Aggressive Gameplay  

In the remaining part of this blog, you will be able to know about some pets of free fire. With these pets, you will be able to improve your gameplay.   

1- Beston  

In the throwing skills along with Beaston, the free fire players will be able to get a significant increase. When you are in a hurry then you can use the advantage of this pet to increase the throw distance. This pet will be very helpful especially at the end of the zone fights.   

2- Ottero  

When you just have faith to believe then you will be depending upon the increase of the HP rate. As such, you need an XP boost before punching on opponents in free fire. This pet will help you to restore the XP when you restore the HP.   

3- Agent Jump  

If you want to attack the opponent then you will need all the required items and weapons. This pet is also very useful like a weapon. If you are landing for the aggressive gameplay then you can use this pet to defeat until the end of the match.   

4- Falko  

If you want to land on the drop spot before the other free fire players then you can use the ability of this pet, this pet will help you to increase the speed of Gliding and Diving so that you can land on the surface for a few seconds before as compared to the other players.   

5- Rocky  

There are so many active skills that need for aggressive gameplay in free fire and many players choose DJ Alok and other popular characters. You can use these characters but also you need this pet to fight in the aggressive gameplay. When you are using this pet then you will be able to get the ability of cooldown time.  

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