What Changes You Will See Now in Free Fire OB34 Update?   

Garena Free Fire Max, which has recently grown in popularity, has received an update called Free Fire Max OB34. With its high-resolution graphics version, the game that was released last year was a huge success.

Undoubtedly, the gameplay was going very well with amazing features, but the developers wanted to give the players something more, which is why they decided to release the OB34 update. Free Fire and Free Fire Max players received far more than they expected in the Free Fire OB34 update.

We all know that the Free Fire and Free Fire Max are gaining fans on a daily basis, which is why there are so many new players in the game. Old players must be familiar with the Free Fire OB34 update, but there are many new players who are eager to learn everything about the Free Fire OB34 update.

Are you one of the newbies? You no longer need to be concerned because the post you are currently reading will help you in resolving your problem. Read on to learn about the changes made by developers in Free Fire following the OB34 update.

What Changes the Developer Made in Free Fire After OB34 Update?

Free Fire OB34 Update

1- The New Link System in Free Fire  

We all know how important it is to get the characters in the game Free Fire or Free Fire Max. You can land on the battlefield and fight the opponents with the help of characters. Obtaining the characters, on the other hand, will necessitate the use of money. Thankfully, there are some free alternate methods for obtaining the characters or any other stuff.

Many non-spending players in the Free Fire world are not able to afford the paid goodies. However, the new link system is actually for the characters or you can call it the character system. To obtain any character in the game, you use this link system and can unlock any desirable character.   

2- M24, G36 Guns and 5V5 in Bomb Squad Mode

Many pro players will mention “GUN” as the best additional support for the character on the battlefield. Indeed, players prioritize guns because there are a variety of guns available in the game that allow the player to face any situation admirably even with the worst character.

With the arrival of the Free Fire OB34 update, the developers have added several features in which they introduced the M24 and also the G36 gun. M24 will give you a high firing rate. On the other hand, the G36 gun will allow you to utilize it in short and also mid-range combat.    

This can be a big change to the game which was unexpected by the players. Now the players can play in 5v5 matches but it is available in the bomb squad mode only.   

3- Track the Distance of the Marked Location  

You all must be aware of the feature in which you can mark the location on the map to reach over there easily. Now, this feature got extended and can be pretty amazing and helpful for you. With the help of the new feature, you can mark the location over the map, and then you can know the distance from your spot to that spot where you want to reach.   

4- Report in Clash Squad Mode  

Everyone knows that many players in Free Fire are still using some sort of hacking tricks in the game. Now the developers started eliminating those players. In clash squad mode, you will get to see the report option at the end of every clash squad match. If any player is using the hack tricks, then you can send the report by using the report option of that player.   

Not only these but there are some other features also added to the game with the arrival of the Free Fire OB34 update. Download the latest version of Free Fire and see the changes on your own.   

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