Best 3 Free Fire Characters and Pet Combinations for Aggressive Gameplay (January 2022)

Garena Free Fire offers you many amazing items and pets. Pets are the most amazing thing in Free Fire. With the help of pets, players can fight with enemies easily. Playing with the help of pets can be beneficial for you to win the match but you need to take the pet accordingly. As all the pets have different abilities to each other you need to choose the pet according to the situation.

All the pets in Garena Free Fire have various factors, amazing abilities, different play styles, and much more. If you are already a Free Fire player then you must have known about the abilities of pets. If you are a beginner then you are at the right place. You just need to sit tight and focus on this blog. This blog will inform you of the top three free-fire characters that you can use for aggressive gameplay.

Garena free fire

Aggressive Free Fire gameplay means when you are in a do-or-die situation. In this zone, you need to be aware more because the quantity of the enemy is more and you need to protect yourself even more. Pets, weapons, and Gloo walls play an important part during your matches. If you are in a match then you need to carry at least one of these 3 things.  

When you’re in a Free Fire battle zone, you need to be more aggressive. Because the adversary would never let you go, you must play aggressively when fighting them. Carry your dogs with you so that this can be a huge benefit to you.

Best Free Fire Combinations

1. Skyler + Mr. Waggor 

Skyler was added to Garena Free Fire in 2021 and became the most popular character of Free Fire. When Mr. Waggor’s character was added into Garena Free Fire, it became the most utilized character. This character has won the title of the most popular character of the year. When you activate this character then it will produce a sonic wave that will spread fast within the range of 50m. This character can destroy 5 gloo walls.  

2. Alok + Falco 

Alok is a famous character of a famous Brazilian DJ. Because of these amazing healing effects, his drop the beat is utilized by the casual and professional Free Fire players. The Free Fire gamers can utilize it every 45 seconds. When it comes to potential levels, Falco is the best pet with amazing potential. Free Fire players will get the benefit of a 15% increase in the gliding speed, after the diving from the plan, the speed will increase up to 25%.

3. K + Ottero 

This character is based on a KSHRM singer. This character is a master of all abilities and has become a powerful beast on Free Fire. When Ottero Pet is equipped, you can get back some EP by using the healing stuff.  These are the amazing combination of Free Fire Characters and pets that you can use for amazing benefit. These characters and pets are well equipped with the amazing abilities that will help you to play aggressively. 

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