Top 5 Incubator Bundles in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire Incubator Dress

Garena Free Fire MAX offers free fire players to obtain a bunch of cosmetics and costumes bundles that they can choose by participating in the free-fire events. In this given blog, we will be going to take a look at the Top 5 incubators that you can get in Free Fire MAX. 

Free Fire Incubator Dress

Incubators in free fire is a spin wheel that players can use to the premium bundles in Garena Free Fire MAX. If you want to spin it then you need to have 40 diamonds in your gaming account or if you want to spin five times then you need to have 180 diamonds in your gaming account. 

Spin cannot give you the skin and bundles directly. You need to have Blueprints and Evolution stones that you need to exchange to obtain the Bundles and skin from the in-game store. 

List of Top 5 Incubator Bundles – Free Fire Incubator Dress

1- Mystical Masters

This is the first incubator of free fire. In this Incubator, the free fire player will get a full arm tattoos incubator with a pack of 3 bundles. In this incubator, the player will get to see three male and three female bundles. 

The amazing look with tattoos and free fire incubator dress makes this incubator super cool. This incubator is popular among the free-fire players that’s why we take him in the first position in the top incubator’s list. 

2- Slaughter Party

This bundle was launched the last year along with its amazing look. This bundle of this incubator is supposed as rare. Probably the free fire player can find this incubator. In this incubator, the free fire player will get three male bundles along with three female bundles. These male bundles will appear in free fire by wearing a wicked bunny mask. As this bundle is not seen for a long time that’s why it is one of the rarest bundles.

3- Bandit Squad

This bundle is in the high-demand list of the free-fire players and that is making him most popular. In this incubator, the free-fire players will get four criminal bundles with an amazing mask look. Many free-fire players love the red bundles most. The free-fire players now also can get the free fire incubator dress green bundles. 

4- Dino Evolution

To own his incubator, the free-fire players need to spend 7 evolution stones and three blueprints. As it costs too much that’s why many free-fire players have skipped this incubator. The free fire player will get the 6 costume bundles in this incubator. 

5- Jester Manor

In the incubator, the free fire player will get the bundles with the name of “Knight Clown”. The player will get the joker mask that makes this character super cool. This is also the rarest incubator in free fire MAX. 

These are all the top 5 free fire incubator dress that every free fire player should know. If you are a free fire player and want something interesting in the game then you can get these incubators to make your game even more cool.

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