Free Fire and Free Fire MAX banned in India  

As you all know that Garena free fire and its enhanced version is now a part of the 54th banned app in India. We all got the sudden news about banning the free fire app from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. There was no confirmation given by the official team of free fire and they took sudden action on that. We all are disappointed because Garena free fire was an amazing battle royale game. This game has given big fame and money to many free fire players.   

Free Fire Banned

We were just building our thoughts when we found the absence of Garena free fire on Google Play Store because we got no media statement related to banning free fire applications. The last 48 hours have been the most stressful for the Garena free fire players. Now we don’t need to build up our thoughts related to the free fire ban. Garena has arranged the press conference and released the media statement finally.   

According to the sources, the media statement revealed that Garena free fire went to the violation of data privacy and goes against the terms and conditions.   

Free Fire and Fire Max Got Banned?  

Garena free fire is not part of the game lists in India. We found the absence of free fire on the Google Play Store. The surprising thing is the second title of free fire that is Free Fire MAX is still live on the Google Play Store. However, both the titles of the free fire royale battle game have already been removed from apple’s app store. Probably it is your fortune that you can still install the second title of free fire into your device. Can’t say anything as they banned free fire so they can ban Free Fire MAX anytime.   

Can you Play Free Fire and Free Fire MAX again?  

Well! As you all know that free fire has been removed from Google Play Store and also from Apple’s App Store. It is 100 percent sure that we will not be going to get Free Fire back. However, Garena Free Fire MAX is still live on Google Play Store but not on Apple’s App Store. According to the sources, players who already got the game into their device can play the pre-downloaded free fire game.   

It is true that, if you have already downloaded the Garena free fire battle royale title then you can still play it on your respective devices. Unfortunately, when you open Garena free fire battle royale title, you will find some errors over the screen and it will not allow you to play the game on an Apple device. The free fire and free fire MAX games removed from App store on iOS.  Fortunately, if you are an Android user then you can still avail of Garena free fire into your Android device. You don’t need to be disappointed because there are several amazing games over the internet and also on Google Play Store that you can try.

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