Grab the Brand-New Dragon Rider Animation from Free Fire MAX Faded Wheel Event!

Credit: Garena Free Fire

You must have participated in the Free Fire Faded Wheel event if you are an old player. You need to know that having the diamonds must use the faded wheel. If you are going to spin then each spin will require a limited number of diamonds that will allow you to claim the rewards. Thankfully, the developers have launched the other Faded Wheel event in Free Fire Max which is still available in the game. The participants of the Faded Wheel Event will get the opportunity to collect the Dragon Rider Animation and more by just spinning through the diamonds.  

Free Fire Max Faded Wheel Event Offer Dragon Rider Animation 

Credit: Garena Free Fire

The Free Fire Max Faded Wheel Event was already introduced in the game and will remain for a few hours. Not only one but this time, the developers of Free Fire Max set two rewards to obtain from the Faded Wheel Event. The first reward will be your Dragon Rider Animation and the second one will be your Feral Electrosaur. The Feral Electrosaur is known as the skin of the skywing.  

The Dragon Rider Animation and the Feral Electrosaur both are the very latest item in the Free Fire Max application. Most of the players don’t know anything about the Feral Electrosaur. Let me tell you that the Feral Electrosaur Skywing can be at work while landing from the plane. The skywing will help you in removing the skyboard from the screen. If you are a beginner to the game then you need to remember that, you will need to remove two items before going to spin for the other reward.  

Prizes form the Faded Wheel event

The Faded Wheel event is considered the favorite event of much Free Fire and Free Fire Max players. It is a luck royale event that allows you to try your luck which is pretty exciting. Along with this, the Free Fire Max players will also get a total number of 8 spins to try their luck. Each spin will require some diamonds to be at work. Check out the list below to know the prize pool of the Faded Wheel Event in Free Fire Max.  

  • Pink Dragon 
  • Carved Horns 
  • Fiery Flames 
  • Dawnlit Drago Parachute 
  • Private Eye Weapon Loot Crate 
  • Diamond Royale Voucher 
  • Feral Electrosaur 
  • Dragon Rider 
  • Cube Fragment 
  • VALENTINES Weapon Loot Crate 

Number of Required Diamonds for Spin 

  1. First Spin- 9 Diamonds 
  2. Second Spin- 19 Diamonds 
  3. Third Spin- 39 Diamonds 
  4. Forth Spin- 69 Diamonds 
  5. Fifth Spin- 99 Diamonds 
  6. Sixth Spin- 149 Diamonds 
  7. Seventh Spin- 199 Diamonds 
  8. Eighth Spin- 499 Diamonds 

Read the whole list of the required number of diamonds so that you don’t need to face trouble while spinning for obtaining your favorite reward. Read below to know the step-by-step guide to claim the rewards by spinning.  

Step-by-Step Guide to Claim Rewards by Spinning in Faded Wheel Event 

Step-1 Open the Free Fire Max on your device. 

Step-2 Click on the Luck Royale Section to open the Faded Wheel Event. 

Step-3 Now select two items that you want to remove from your bucket list. 

Step-4 After removing those two items, start making the spins by spending the diamonds for claiming the rewards. 

As you all know that you will require some diamonds to make the spins. Before going to spin, try to check your in-game account. If you don’t have enough diamonds then try to obtain the diamonds first.  

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