Free Fire MAX Faded Wheel Event: Check Out the Best Way to Get the Ventus Rogue Package! 

You must have already participated in the Free Fire Max Faded Wheel Event, which the game’s creators thankfully ran twice. Users can easily participate in the ongoing FF Max Faded Wheel Event to win the most recent and exclusive bundle, “the Ventus Rogue Package.” The most recent update was included in every event in the game, and players will continue to receive new additions. So, read this entire post if you want to quickly participate in the Faded Wheel event and get the new bundle.

We all know that obtaining the in-game items will need currencies to obtain but when it comes to participating in the Faded Wheel Event, you will need to have diamonds. Diamonds are known as in-game currency that will allow you to participate in the event even without facing any hurdles.  

The Ventus Rogue Bundle is available at Free Fire MAX 

The Free Fire Max Faded Wheel Event was introduced in the game a few days back. You need to know that the Ventus Rogue Bundle was launched at the event on 21st June 2022. If you want to obtain this bundle then you need to make the spin for it fast because this item will be available in the event till 27 June 2022. Spinning is a trick that will allow you to obtain the desired item in some spins. Each spin will require a limited number of diamonds. Without the diamonds, you will not be able to do the spins. I will suggest you collect some diamonds so that you don’t need to face the issues while obtaining the Ventus Rogue Bundle of Free Fire Max.  

This event began on June 21, 2022, and will end on June 27, 2022. So hurry up and get the Ventus Rogue Bundle.

The players will get the total number of 8 spins in which they can get their desired item. Each spin can be in work by a limited number of diamonds that costs you around 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and also 499. 

Faded Wheel Event’s Prize Pool 

Along with two grand prizes—a Ventus Rouge package and a Tornado animation—the prize pool for this most recent faded wheel event in Free Fire includes many other fascinating goods. Here is the whole list: 

  • Motorbike – Rapper Throttle 
  • Rampage Hyperbook crate 
  • Diamond royale voucher 
  • Pink Devil weapon loot crate 
  • Winter Party backpack 
  • Rampage Hyperbook token 
  • Ventus Rouge bundle 
  • Tornado 
  • Cube fragment 
  • Phantom weapon loot crate 

Guide to Claim Ventus Rogue Bundle 

Want to obtain the Ventus Rogue Bundle or any other items from the given prize pool of the Free Fire Max Faded Wheel Event? You need to check out the given whole step-by-step guide that I have written below. This written guide will assist you until you claim your desired item. Read below.  

  1. Launch the Free Fire Max application on your device then click on the Royale Section that will appear over the home screen. 
  2. Now the players will need to hit the Faded Wheel Event option. 
  3. Click on the Ventus Rogue item and remove two unnecessary items that you don’t want in your item’s list.  
  4. At last, make the spins and obtain the item in your account.  

The information that you need to know related to obtaining the Ventus Rogue Bundle is all here. All you need to do is, just read everything carefully before participating in the Faded Wheel Event.  

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