How Much Garena Free Fire Earns

Have you ever thought about How much Garena Free fire earns? If you are a free fire player then you must know about this thing. In this blog, we will be going to satisfy your curiosity to know to earnings of free fire. This blog will be going very interesting for free fire lovers. 

free fire monthly income
Created By Garena Free Fire.

There is no need for introduction in the gaming world when it comes to Garena Free Fire. This amazing game was first released in 2017. The title of Battle Royale game has grabbed too many players from the entire world as like PUBG. You are in Asia or you are from across the ocean, you can download it easily into your device. 

As this game has massive popularity then it is obvious that free fire is making a lot of money without a doubt. As can confidently say free fire is earning too much but there are 90% of readers are unaware about the free fire per day income. Let’s know the whole detail in the remaining blog. 

The emolument of Garena Free Fire in a Day

If we believe the sensor tower then the emolument of the Garena Free Fire in the previous year, in May 2021 has earned $59 million. Am just talking about the free fire monthly income even worldwide. That means they are making more than $1.9 million a day. 

Garena Free fire Emolument in the First Quarter of 2021

In the quarter of 2021, Garena Free fire has earned $100 million that is making him alone in the US market. Garena Free Fire has racked up PUBG mobile battle royale game and got the position of highest Emolument mobile gaming app in the United States. Now the emolument bar has increased four times more in comparison to the previous month. 

When we talk about June in 2021, Garena Free Fire has got 8th position in the list of top 10 mobile games in the term of High Emolument. If this game is making so much from across the ocean, then how much is the Emolument of this game in India? To know more, read below. 

We can make an idea and can clearly say that when we compare India from America then we are pretty sure that the free fire income per day in India cannot exceed that of the US. India indeed has the biggest free fire community but the American community is more attractive than India. As we all know Americans are spending a lot of money on free fire games to buy premium items. Let me tell you that the price of in-game diamonds is high in America in comparison to India. 

The players were spending more money than they ever did at the time of the Pandemic that made free fire monthly income more in India. The pandemic was also the reason that people were spending too much time in free fire and purchased many premium items in exchange for real currency. Consumers from the entire world started spending too much money on a game that takes the bar from $44.7 million and more than 17.9 million year on year.

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