What is new in Free Fire OB32 update?

Garena Free Fire has now launched its new update. On 19th January 2022, Garena Free Fire has launched Free Fire OB32. If you want to get the update then you can use your Apple app store or your google play store to install it. However, due to the break of maintenance, you can install your Free Fire updates after 5:00 pm.  

When the server will get return online then you will be able to see the new content of the game. Both Free fire and Garena Free Fire Max have now gone through various optimizations. After all these optimizations, these apps of free fire will be going to introduce many new features through the Free Fire OB32 updates.  

Free Fire OB32
Image Credit: Garena Free Fire

This new update of Free Fire OB32 will be going to introduce many new features like Balance changes, New Additions, and also map adjustments. In this blog, you will be going to learn about the new adjustments and additions that will come through the latest patch.

New Additions in Garena Free Fire OB32 

  1. You will get the Human-Shaped target in the Shooting range 

Previously, the silhouettes were featured as the target in the shooting range in free fire but now they are featuring something new. In the latest update, you will see the human-shaped targets in the shooting range so that I will appear as real. This feature is updated for the realistic perspective only.  

  1. Craft land is updated to Become More Competitive 

In this Free Fire update, Garena Free Fire players will be able to change the mode according to their wishes. They will also be able to play a maximum number of 12 teams.  

  1. Additions and Adjustments in Bermuda 

Two new locations will be going to be updated in Garena Free Fire OB32 update. Hangar and Nurek Dam are the two locations that will appear in Bermuda in the new update of free fire. Mill, Mars Electric, and Katulistiwa are the three landing spots that will receive the adjustments in terms of extra shelter.  

  1. New Weapons 

The Charge buster will be going to be the new weapon in the addition of Garena Free Fire. The weapon will get the charge to work instead of ammunition. To use this weapon, you need to hold the fire button then release the charge with your new shotgun.  

As many times as you hold the fire button, the shotgun will impact more on more damages and range. However, players need to release the fire before reaching the ending line. Otherwise, the charge will be going to be reset.    

So, these are all new additions and adjustments that will be going to appear in the new update of Garena Free Fire as Garena Free Fire Ob32 update. If you want to download it then you need to wait for some time because the server is not working. Due to the break of the maintenance, the server stops working. It will be at work soon and you can download it after 5 pm when it’s done. 

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