Free Fire MAX vs BGMI: Which game has more maps and game modes in 2022?  

The arrival of the Free Fire MAX and BGMI has been made in 2021 and many players show their interest in these battle royale games as they always want something more. These games are available for the Indian server also so you can easily download them from the Google play store or Apple’s app store. know the battle of Free Fire MAX vs BGMI below.  

Free Fire MAX vs BGMI

Since the release of the Free fire MAX and BGMI games, both games have built up a massive fanbase by the interesting and additional features. Garena Free Fire has got a total number of 100 million downloaders on the Google Play store whereas, BGMI game has got a total number of 50 million downloaders on the same play station. to know the maps and modes in Free Fire MAX vs BGMI you need to look below.    

When we talk about the most standard feature of these games so, the battle royale mode has been the standard feature of these battle royale games. On both the popular titles, the players will get various maps and modes to play. You can play along with your friends or individually. The best part of these games is, you will get the practice mode also that allows you to practice for improving your gaming skills.  

Free Fire MAX maps and modes  

As you all know that the free fire and its MAX has been arrived in 2022 along with many additional features. As the players are getting many additional features but they encountered some minor features. In both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX games, the players will get to play various game modes and maps.   

You will get this variant of free fire to download in 0.99 GB. If you want to download the free fire or its MAX variant then you can easily download it from the play station that you have on your device. The free fire and free fire MAX have various games modes and maps. If you want to know some other modes then read below.  

1) Mode of BR-Ranked  

Maps – Alpine, Bermuda, and Purgatory.  

2) Mode of CS-Ranked  

Maps – you will get a random location from any map.  

3) Mode of Battle Royale  

Maps that is available for all time – Bermuda and Alpine  

Maps (Opens for a limited time daily) – Kalahari, Bermuda Remastered, and Purgatory.  

4) Mode of Clash Squad  

Maps – Bermuda Remastered, Purgatory, Kalahari and Bermuda   

5) Mode of Lone Wolf  

Maps – Iron Cage  

BGMI Maps and Modes  

In mid-November, the Indian fans have welcomed this game. This game has brought so many additional features. You can download this game that will take up to 776 MB. There are six maps in this battle royale game and you will get several options in the multiplayer mode.   

1) Classic Battle Royale:  

Maps – Karakin, Erangel, Miramar, Livik, Sanhok and Vikendi   

2) Arcade  

Maps: Miramar, Erangel and Sanhok   

Modes: Quick Match with 3 maps, War with 1 map, Sniper Training with 3 maps.  

3) Arena with Multiplayer Modes:  

Maps: Hanger, Inventory, Library, Town, and Ruins  

Modes: Team Deathmatch with 2 maps, Arena Training with 2 maps, Gun Game with 2 maps, Domination with a single map, and also Assault with a single map  

These are the maps and modes in Free Fire MAX vs BGMI blog that you will get to play. Join these games and get some additional features.  

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