Free SpaceSpeaker Top Up Event Tips to Earn the Free Iced Glare Backpack skin.

As Garena Free Fire demands premium items in-game currency for the players. Most of the players love to appreciate the freebies to move ahead in the matches. Although not everyone can afford the premium items. So, Free Fire has released a Free Spacespeaker Top up event in which players can claim exclusive skin and items that will help them.

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Excited to know more? Stay with me right here to get the whole information about the upcoming Free Spacespeaker Top up event. If you want those exclusive skins and wonderful stuff, you’ll need to win the required number of diamonds. So, you can unlock the premium products. Moreover, you can only make a claim for the number of things you topped up.

Free Fire Release Spacespeaker Top up Event to Claim Rewards for Free

Garena Free Fire has just released the new upcoming Free Spacespeaker event. Featuring Iced Glare Backpack skin and Black Honor Katana for free of you have the required number of diamonds.

During the Free Spacespeaker Top up event, the players who topped up enough diamonds can only get the premium items for free. The premium items that you will be going to get for free are- Black Honor Katana Skin, Iced Glare Backpack Skin.

Details of the number of diamonds that you need to get the premium items in the Free Spacespeaker Event:

  1. You need 500 diamonds for getting the Free Iced Glare Backpack skin. 
  2. You need to win 200 diamonds if you want to get Black Honor Katana Skin.

How to Top up Diamonds in Garena Free Fire to Claim Rewards?

 Follow the given steps to claim the premium rewards for free

  1. Tap on the diamond icon that will appear on the Garena Free Fire screen.
  2. You need to pick up the number of diamonds to buy the characters like if you want to use Nairi Character then you need to pick 100 Diamonds. If you want to use the Ice Bones M1873 Skin character then you need to pick up 500 diamonds.
  3. You need to complete the transaction to add the diamonds to your account. This process will take a few seconds only.
  4. Now go to the Free Spacespeaker top up event to claim your rewards.

If you don’t know the value of diamonds in rupees then read the given list below.

  1. 100 Diamonds is equal to 80 rupees
  2. 310 Diamonds is equal to 250 rupees
  3. 520 Diamonds is equal to 400 rupees
  4. 1,060 Diamonds is equal to 800 rupees
  5. 2,180 Diamonds is equal to 1,600 rupees
  6. 5,600 Diamonds is equal to 4,000 rupees

So, let yourself know the exact value of diamonds in rupees and invest it to claim the Free Iced Glare Backpack Skin or Black Honor Katana Skin as per your choice.

The Free Spacespeaker Top up event is already started on the 10th of January 2022 and will be available for the Garena Free Fire Players till the 14th of January 2022. You need to rush if you want to claim both incredible features. 

If you dreamt about earning the Free Iced Glare Backpack skin for a long time then it’s the right time for you. You just need to be a part of this Free Spacespeaker Top up event.

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