Free Fire gamers document game no longer opening for several networks as ban rumors pick out up  

It is not the first time that we got banned news of popular games in our region. As we lose the popular title of the PUBG game because that title belongs to China. Now we got the same shocking news again. Garena free fire and Free fire MAX has been removed from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Yeah! It’s true and now we got the media statement also. Finally, we found the reason why this famous free fire battle royale title got banned in India? To know about the rumors on free fire banning in India. Read the further information.   

Garena Free Fire

You will be disappointed to know that, we will not be going to get Free Fire back. According to the statement of the Indian Government, he claimed that the Free Fire application can be a threat for India when it comes to the safety and privacy of Garena free fire players or Indian users. The free fire application is now added to the list of applications that got banned on the Indian server.   

What Reason Lead Free Fire Royale Battle title to Ban in Indian Server?  

We all know that there was a war going on between India and China two years ago at the duration when the Epidemic got spread in the whole world. Due to this, the Indian Government banned 53 Chinese applications from the Indian Server in which we lost the PUBG game. PUBG was the popular royale battle title in India and even it is still playing by many regions. Indian Government claimed that using Garena free fire battle royale title application can be a threat when it comes to Garena free fire users’ privacy and security.   

The Indian Government take sudden action on banning. 2 days before, we just found the free fire application not available on the Google Play Store and also on Apple’s App Store. At that time, we don’t know the reason behind this and we thought that it can be a server error. However, we were wrong because the Indian Government has proved the rumors true that were circulating for 2 days.  

Trouble Faced by iOS users

When it comes to Apple users, some Garena players were facing the same issue on their app store. The players who were looking for installing a free fire application into their apple device found the absence of free fire and started dropping their queries over the online platforms. Some of the apple users found the technical issue when they open the application.   

Free Fire MAX can Play on Android Device

On the other hand, Android users were playing pre-downloaded free fire battle royale games when apple users found the technical issue on the same application. Free Fire and Free Fire MAX got completely banned from the iOS device. You can still play the Free Fire MAX version into the Android device. There is a big flood of rumors and queries on Garena free fire running over the online platforms.   

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