Garena Free Fire No.1 Player In India- Everything You Must Know.

Garena Free Fire is an online battleground game that has become popular around the globe. Since Free Fire came to the game industry it enhance the level of games and replenish all the old ones. There is a vast list of players are belong to this game that showcases the abilities and style of playing the game. Today in this article, we will read all the best players of Garena Free Fire and who is the most outstanding player in this game. 

Garena Free Fire No.1 Player In India- Everything You Must Know.
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Who are the best 10 Players of Garena Free Fire?

Gone are the days when players used to play the Tekken 3 and other low graphics games. Since Garena Free Fire spread its popularity among the players and youths it has become a world-famous game. Garena Free Fire consist of several players that are playing very well but a few players are mentioned on the top-list. Here we are providing the best list of players that are mentioned below:

  1. Sudip Sarkar
  2. Raistar
  3. Jigs
  4. TSG Ritik
  5. TSG Jash
  6. Nayeem Alam
  7. Rakesh 00007
  8. Ajju Bhai
  9. Bolt
  10. SK Sabir

However, instead of these 10 players, there are so many players left that played well but when anyone asks about the number one player of Garena Free Fire then Sudip Sarkar got the first rank among them. To know more about Sudip Sarkar connect to this article till the end. 

Sudip Sarkar- Sudip Sarkar is one of the renowned players of Garena Free Fire and his Id is 97653930. He has played more than 27K matches so far out of 8435 counts as won along with a win rate of 30.63%.  Moreover, Sudip is one of the best video game content creators and made his personal YouTube channel where he gathered 600K subscribers. 

If we talk about his source of income then it depends on his YouTube channel which is started in July 2019. Sudip Sarkar started his channel in the Gregorian calendar month of 2019 since then he has uploaded 418 videos on his channel. He has 1.28 million subscribers on his channel and sixty seven.38 million views on his main channel.

As per Social Blade, Sudip Sarkar’s monthly YouTube earnings are within the vary of $615 – $9.8K. Meanwhile, his yearly financial gain is calculable to be between $7.4K – $118.2K.

To know more about Garena Free Fire simply visit the official account of free fire and participate within the Brobdingnagian DJ Aloks Giveaway and to remain updated with each latest news of the gambling and eSports scene. Furthermore, Free Fire has a wide range of players who are famous according to their skills. 

Apart from Sudip Sarkar, Raistar and Ajju Bhai are also listed as one of the best players of free fire. Due to the popularity of players, games spread their fan following among the players. 

Ajju Bhai- Ajju Bhai is the second most renowned player of Garena Free Fire Ajjubhai94 is that the owner of the entire diversion youtube channel. He’s one of all the simplest Free hearth players in the Republic of India. His youtube channel is incredibly widespread in the Republic of India. it’s the foremost widespread Free hearth game youtube channel.

He roughly competes in 9231 squad matches. He features a win rate of 25.91%. He holds a win up to 2392 games out of 9231. He has 299 Booyahs and 1586 couple games and out of them, along with 299 booyah’s with a win share of eighteen.85%. He features a total of thirteen.9 million subscribers on his youtube channel and he has 950 videos roughly.

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