Garena Free Fire Patch Notes Updated Version- Chrono & BR Modes and Many More.

Garena Free Fire that is named Free Fire is an online battleground game that has become one of the best playing games ever. To make the game graphics more creative and smooth game developers introduce the new patch notes. Today with the help of this post we will discuss the latest updated patch notes of free fire. 

Garena Free Fire Patch Notes Updated Version- Chrono & BR Modes and Many More.
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Free Fire Patch Notes- What all it consists In the Updated Version?

Garena has released the Free chimney OB30 update official fix noticed that prods every one of the incorporations, options and bunches of extra inside the most recent update. The fix notes reveal all the designer’s work that should be implemented inside the update. This time, the OB30 update’s choices have as of now been uncovered before the authority dispatch. 

Knightstown, a favoured data worker, has as of now released the spilt fix notes of the OB30 update, that we’ve prior covered. The new update significant choices region unit 6v6 Cs model, bringing gambling machine, the replay framework and character, weapons increases and changes. 

Free Fire is now the second most popular game that is being played worldwide after the ban of PUBG Mobile. It covers millions of users around the globe that are enjoying this game a lot. 

The update is going to be dispatched along the edge of the most-anticipated title, i.e., Free chimney simple lay. Right now, the game’s servers region unit down and that they are back on-line when 6:30 PM IST. Notwithstanding, the update or the game would be out there to move during a couple of hours.

New Patch Notes For Free Fire.

The Booyah Day update didn’t bring any new characters, nonetheless, some antiquated characters got a few changes. Chrono has been a questionable person since being acquainted with the game and has as of now been nerfed once. Presently, his Time-Turner capacity is being changed some other time with the following cooldown and removed development speed and protect period. 

Wukong moreover had his development speed removed by 20% once actuated through Andre “The Fierce” had his mischief decreased. Shirou, on the contrary hand, had his cooldown decreased by ten seconds along these lines he is an extra gift all through the battle. a fresh out of box new thing named Jai’s semiconductor unit was also extra to the game, giving admittance to his Raging Reload capacity. 

For weapons, 2 protective layer connections and a pristine treatment sharpshooter were acquainted with the game. The SPAS-12 and P90 also had their shift expanded by 10%, though the FF-Knife presently has 50% extra-base damage and a twenty per cent higher pace of fireside. The bomb had its most damage removed by 25% and furthermore the Vector endured nerfs in a few details. At last, the SKS had its base damage expanded by 25% and furthermore, the AWM right now has eight per cent extra protective layer infiltration.

Free Fire is a rare guide to all those players who are playing this game for a long time. While on the other hand, it allows players to add on the latest weapons and tools along with an opportunity to grab the Booyah. 

We hope this post will facilities your journey to catch the new patch notes and show a path to know more about Garna free fire.

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