Garena Free Fire Vs PUBG Mobile- A Complete Guide About Difference

Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile both are the best battleground game ever in gaming history. After the ban of PUBG Mobile in several countries Garena free fire has become the world second most popular game. More than 50 million users have been download this game from the Google Play Store so far. Today in this article we will discuss the basic difference between PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire. 

Garena Free Fire Vs PUBG Mobile- A Complete Guide About Difference.
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Gone are the days when people used to play Tekken 3 and other small graphics games. Since the PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire came to the gaming industry everything has been changed. If we talk about the basic difference between these two games then both are battleground games but differ in processor. Before we go ahead in this post let us discuss some of the crucial aspects of the game. 

Free Fire or PUBG mobile- Which one is better?

PUBG Mobile in India has been banned in the month of September 2020. Since then, PUBG Corporation has been working hard to restart the game in India. Many field units are looking forward to the return of the game, although mobile game enthusiasts are turning to alternatives such as Judgment of Duty: Mobile, Garona Free Fire and Extra. Here we will compare PUBG Mobile with Garena Free Fire and see if it is a suitable replacement for the most important standard Battle Royale game.

PUBG mobile is currently banned in India and is not officially opposed in the country. While some people enjoy Area Unit Game Hunting Korean Apk or VPN services, this is not legal. The game is not available for transfer across the country and is not found in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. PUBG Mobile and its free version are prohibited in India under Section 69A of the Data Technology Act. The government claims that the sport is involved in activities that endanger the sovereignty, integrity, defence and security of the country.

How these two games are differ in terms of graphics and characters?

Not only PUBG Mobile but also the free fire consist of several characters that play a great role to attract the players. Free Fire Place before PUBG Mobile with a range of playable characters. These characters make the part of the earth look extra light, which makes them look completely different | completely different.

PUBG Mobile undoubtedly has more graphics than Free Heartstone. It’s an extra realistic experience with detailed characters, weapons, vehicles and maps. Free Fire has a slightly cartoonish, animated look to it.

While PUBG mobile graphics are high, this does not mean that Free Hearts graphics cannot be played. This will hold you back until PUBG Corporation manages to bring back the legal version of the game. Due to the big range of players within the game, maps square measure larger and therefore the matches square measure longer. Thus, creating away a lot of fun expertise for folks to the game. some folks would possibly like quicker gameplay, and for that PUBG Mobile has smaller maps and modes. 

On the opposite hand, Free Fire doesn’t have larger maps for players wanting longer gameplay. PUBG Mobile Battle Royale mode permits one hundred players to require half directly, whereas, Free Fire limits the quantity to 50 players. So this basic guide that describes the basic difference between these two games will definitely facilitate clearing your every single doubt. 

For any further assistance simply visit the official website of the game and check the player’s reviews on the comment section of the game. 

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