Garena Free Fire Weapon Guide- All Snipper Guns And Rifle

Garena Free Fire has consisted of a wide range of weapons and snipper rifles that allow players to kill the opponent’s enemies. Weapons and tools are the crucial aspects of every battleground game and same as here, if you want to get a great score then you have must capture the weapons. Today with the help of this post we will guide you about all the snipper guns and rifles. 

Garena Free Fire Weapon Guide- All Snipper Guns And Rifle.
Created By Garena Free Fire.

What all are the latest Snippers guns in the Free Fire?

We are providing all the names of snipper guns that will help to enhance the level of weapons. 

If you are a free fire lover then it is must necessary to know about these guns.

  • SVD
  • SKS
  • VSS
  • M82B
  • AWM
  • KAR98K

Computer games square measure overflowing with a scope of weapons for players to settle on from and Garena Free Fire isn’t any exemption. Players get a buffet of weapon assortments that they’ll use on their gratitude to a BOOYAH! finishing. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you wish to kill a partner rival on the contrary completion of the guide, there’s just 1 weapon for this sort for the work. These powerful weapons probably won’t be brilliant in closed shift things, but their high mischief yield, also a powerful degree makes them lethal at change. 

Likewise, with any reasonable game, the Garena Free Fire accompanies a lot of sharpshooter rifles to settle on. Here is a look essentially nibbled the sharpshooter rifles that square measure as of now out there inside the game. Do take note of that these weapons square measure recorded in no unequivocal request

Before we go ahead let us understand the feature and brief information about the snipper guns.


The M82B may be a terribly possible and powerful weapon in Free Fire. It packs tons of strength and maybe a powerful gun owing to its several distinctive talents. it’s associate degree accuracy of ninety and a spread of eighty-five. additionally to the essential injury dealt, additional injuries are often controlled by the gloo walls and vehicles.

The M82B has another special skill; it will penetrate through a gloo wall or a protect. The gun may communicate further body-shot injury to targets with armour. This unique ability of M82B lands this weapon to the second right on the money the rundown of best marksman rifles inside the free discharge.


KAR98k in Free Fire is one among the preeminent adjusted sharpshooter rifles And is pre-outfitted with an 8x extension. It might influence the AWM in body-shot mischief share. it’s a mischief pace of ninety and a spread of 84, that might be a really remarkable datum. 

The Kar98k, nonetheless, can’t incredibly execute the objective in an extremely single hit because of its lower headshot hurt. anyway, there square measure a few changes to the firearm inside the new OB28 update.


SVD is one of the best guns that conveys a sharp range of shooting. This snipper gun is similar to other assault rifles. 


The Arctic Warfare wine jug or AWM in Free fire has changed and exactness insights of 91 and ninety. it’s comparative mischief rates to various Free Fire break shot weapons, notwithstanding, it conjointly has incognito headshot reward hurt and piercing through grade three cap could be a brainer for this firearm.

We hope this brief guide will help you to understand the snippers rifles in the free fire. Moreover, game developers introduce the latest weapons on a regular basis so that players can get them.

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