Free Fire MAX Awards Include an Exclusive FFWS Emote and A Pickup Truck Skin. Check It Out!   

Garena Free Fire Max has been the most amazing game so far. You will see a lot of amazing updates here that are unexplainable. As usual, the developer of the Garena Free Fire application who is known as Garena launched the new Tournament.

The latest event is called the Free Fire World Series 2022 Tournament placed in May 2022. This Tournament brought us so many events with different rewards that are rare and also incredible. Every event of the FFWS 2022 Tournament has different conditions which you will need to go through for claiming your rewards.   

Free Fire Max

You will be very happy to know that the Garena has finalized the Top teams that are going to play in the finals that already started even from today. Coming to the events, the individuals will need to perform by following the guidelines by the Garena, and then they will be able to claim amazing rewards like Free Emotes, Pickup Truck Skin, and also much more. Want to know about all items that are available in the Free Fire World Series 2022 events? Check out here.

Today’s FFWS Awards are all Accessible in Free Fire MAX  

Rewards to Obtain by Live Watching Event  

FF Max

You must have played the Watch to win the event before in Free Fire or Free Fire Max. This Live Watching Event is also the same. The players will just need to watch the live streaming the required number of times and then they will get Milestones. Through the Milestones, the individuals can purchase the desired item of the current event from the gaming shop. Check out the list below to know the available rewards in Live Watching Event.   

1- 200k Milestones are required to purchase the Character Choice Crate and also 3x Diamond Royale Voucher.   

2- 400k Milestones are required for obtaining the 3x Weapon Royale Voucher and also Free Fire World Series Dance Emote.   

3- 600k Milestones are required for obtaining several rewards such as Dragon Seal, Room Card, Gloo Wall Aurous Dragon, and also Ferocious INK. You just can acquire only one Gloo wall from these given three.   

Rewards to Obtain by Playtime Reward Event  

FF Max

You are reading this post at the correct time because this event started even today 21 May 2022 and it will end soon. The players will need to perform for a particular time then they will get the rewards like Pickup Truck and also Haven Guardian Skin in FF Max.   

Rewards to Obtain by FFWS Top-up II Event  

FF Max

This is the other Top-up event that you can get in the Free Fire World Series 2022 Tournament. This event features a Gloo wall skin and also a Parang Skin even for free. To claim these rewards, you will need to get the required number of diamonds. Check out the points below to know the required number of diamonds for these rewards.   

1- 100 Free Fire Max Diamonds are required for claiming the Haven Warrior Slasher.   

2- 300 Free Fire Max Diamonds are required for claiming the Haven Guardian Gloo Wall Skin.  

Rewards to Obtain by Pick and Win Event  

In Pick and Win event, you will need to select the players to make your team and then play in the six required matches to claim the reward like vouchers. Check out the list of rewards below.  

1- 2x Incubator Vouchers  

2- 5x FFWS Green Tickets  

3- Craftland room card  

Rewards to Obtain by Shootersville Event  

Coming to this event, the players will get the missions on the daily basis. By playing the missions even daily, you will get the dice by which you increase the village level. Reaching the 30 levels of the village will allow you to obtain several rewards that I have written below.   

1- Haven Warrior Dagger  

2- 5x Pet Food  

3- 2x Random Loadout Loot Crate  

4- FFWS Headgear  

5- 1x Weapon Royale Voucher  

6- 100x Universal Fragment  

Apart from these events, there are many other events available that you can see by clicking on the event calendar icon of the Free Fire World Series 2022 Tournament. Open your Free Fire Max application and also check out all events and rewards now. 

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