Garena free fire quiz: How much do you know about Garena Free Fire?  

You must have spent too many times on the Free Fire game and have experienced so many things but is it enough? Well! As you know that Garena free fire has a massive world that is supported with so many in-game features by which a Garena free fire player needs to go through. Undoubtedly, you know all the tricks and strategies to win a match but, in this blog, we are going to let you know the things that you are lacking by Free Fire Quiz. To know How much do you know about Garena Free Fire? You need to read the whole blog.  

Free Fire Quiz

In this blog, we are going to tell you some Free Fire Quiz about Garena Free Fire and you will need to answer yourself. Just read all the questions carefully and answer them wisely. You will get options as well along with questions. Best of luck and try to give all answers. This blog will also help Garena free fire player in giving useful information related to Garena free fire.   

Garena Free Fire Quiz  

Question-1 What was the First Garena Free Fire Elite Pass?  

1- Kings  

2- Sakura  

3- Hip Hop  

4- Destroyers  

Question-2 What is the old name of Garena Free Fire Observatory? Choose the One in the following options.  

1- Mountain  

2- Waterfront  

3- Wreckage  

4- Outpost  

Question-3 Which Garena Free Fire Character can give you the advantage when you are eating?  

1- Andrew  

2- Nikita  

3- Adam  

4- Maxim  

Question-4 How many main ranks are there of Garena Free Fire?  

1- 8  

2- 7  

3- 5  

4- 6  

Question-5 How many pistols are there in Garena Free Fire?  

1- 3  

2- 6  

3- 5  

4- 7  

Question- 6 How many levels of free fire mushrooms are there in the Garena Free Fire Battle royale game?  

1- 5  

2- 4  

3- 3  

4- 2  

Question- 7 In the Bermuda map of Garena Free Fire, how many ziplines are there?  

1- 8  

2- 14  

3- 12  

4- 6  

Question- 8 How many free fire characters are there in the Garena free fire battle royale game?  

1- 10 to 15  

2- 5 to 10  

3- 15 to 20  

4- more than 20  

Question- 9 in which month did Garena release his free fire battle royale game?  

1- June  

2- August  

3- September  

4- October  

Question- 10 Which of the free fire weapon in the following is supposed as the last that have free fire skin?  

1- M79  

2- MP5  

3- M14  

4- P90  

Question- 11 Which free fire character is good when it comes to using the free fire shotguns?  

1- Antonio  

2- Andrew  

3- Caroline  

4- Kla  

Question- 12 What is the maximum movement speed of a free fire monster truck?  

1- 77 km per hour  

2- 100 km per hour  

3- 50 km per hour  

4- there is no free fire monster truck  

Question- 13 which free fire character can provide you more damage on each hit on foes?  

1- Ford  

2- Kla  

3- Nikita  

4- Misha  

These are all 13 important Free Fire Quiz related to Garena free fire that you need to answer. Answer the following questions and let yourself know about the thing that you were lacking. 

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