Enjoy Free Haven Guardian Grenade, Fighter Loot Box, and More in FF World Series 2022!   

Garena As we all know, Free Fire is a popular battle royale game. Because of its success, the developers decided to release an improved version of Free Fire, which is now accessible on the Google Play Store. Free Fire Max is an upgraded version of Free Fire that provides us with numerous special updates. Recently there is an event name Free Fire World Series 2022 going on. If you want to learn more about it, go to our other post where we have detailed information. Apart from this do you want to get rewards from World Series 2022 events like Haven Guardian Grenade, Fighter Loot Box, and more? Read on…

Free Fire World Series 2022

The makers of Garena Free Fire Max recently announced the Free Fire World Series, which is supported by many events and incentives. Today, we’ll talk about some of the events that started in the Free Fire World Series 2022 competition and are still accessible for players to get exclusive rewards through May 24, 2022.  

The Haven Warrior Dagger and FFWS Headgear in Shooters Ville  

Free Fire World Series 2022

The event Shooters Ville is offered in the Free Fire World Series 2022. However, due to technical issues, this event was not included in the tournament. Fortunately, Shooters Ville is now online, and the game’s makers have extended the deadline until May 24, 2022. This means that Free Fire players will be able to participate in this event until May 24th.

There is a thing that is required to obtain the item from this event and that is dice. Dice can only be obtained from the missions that you will join on the daily basis. If you want to explore the whole village board then dice are essential for that. If you want to boost the level of the village then boosting the level of the buildings is a must to level 3. when you will reach level 3 of the village then you will be able to collect some rewards that you can check out below.

Rewards to be received in the Shooters Ville event after reaching the level 3    

1- Free Fire World Series Headgear  

2- Haven Warrior Dagger  

Get Haven Guardian Grenade in Free Fire World Series 2022 Sentosa  

Free Fire World Series 2022

The live stream of the Free Fire World Series 2022 Sentosa is available you can see by visiting your gaming application. Open the Garena Free Fire Max application then click on the event calendar where you will see the list of all the running events and tournaments. Click on the FFWS 2022 then the Sentosa option will appear. The Garena already mentioned that the players will need to obtain the required number of milestones for claiming the rewards. Without the milestones, you will not be able to collect your reward. For obtaining the reward, click on the calendar icon then you can spend your milestones. Have a look below to know the rewards that are available in the Free Fire World Series 2022 Sentosa event.   

1- Get 2 Gold Royale certificates when you reach $3,000,000.  

2- Get 2 Diamonds Royale certificates when you reach $6,000,000.  

3- Get the Haven Guardian Grenade at 9,000,000.  

Get Haven warrior Loot Box by Champion Training event  

Free Fire World Series 2022

This event will be going to be pretty amazing for you because you can participate and play in this event. By eliminating the foes, you will be able to collect the rewards which are very easy. This event is already launched and will end on 22 May 2022. To know the available rewards in this event, read the list of rewards given below.   

1- Pet Food  

2- 3 Gold Royale Vouchers  

3- Scanner  

4- Haven Warrior Loot Box (fighter loot box) 

So, these are the rewards that any Free Fire player can obtain by just participating in the events of the Free Fire World Series Tournament 2022.

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