3 Best tips to get Heroic rank in Free Fire (February 2022)  

Garena free fire has unique ranks in which free fire players want to achieve the upper echelons. Free Fire has a massive world with many amazing players with whom doing the battle is not the morning tea. Everyone is preparing themselves in terms of skills and strategies so that they can get the Heroic rank in the free fire. On the ladder of Master and Grandmaster, the Heroic Tier is the third-largest rank of Garena free fire.   

Heroic rank in Free Fire

This rank is for Clash squad modes and battle royale modes of free fire. When it comes to battle royale modes, free fire players will get the opportunity to collect 3200 points. When it comes to battle royale modes, players will need to go through a range of levels in which they will get some stars for the victory to obtain Heroic Tier in the free fire. You can get the victory easily by playing with tactics.   

Tips to Reach Heroic Tier in Garena Free Fire  

Read all the tips that will help you to reach the Heroic Tier in the free fire. Along with the given tips, try to improve gaming skills also.   

1- Play with Team But not with Random Players   

When you are in battle royale mode or clash squad mode, you need to have a good team so that you can get great support. Avoid playing with random players because coordination between two players is important in the game. When you are landing on the battlefield, try to create a good team in which you have your friends. Playing along with friends will give you great communication and coordination while playing the game.   

When it comes to solo matches, the opponent will be unaware of your gameplay style so you can attack them easily with your gaming skills. This tip will help you definitely to reach the Heroic Tier.  

2- Character Combinations  

There are lots of in-game free fire characters by which free fire players can play incredibly. The free fire characters are supported with amazing abilities that will support players to fight against the opponents on the battlefield. When you have selected the character then try to pair it up with a good pet so that you can double the power of the character. The characters will also provide some HP that will help you to survive in the match.   

3- Avoid Hot Drops  

Hot Drops are the spots where you will get to see the vast open space with lots of enemies. These Hot Drops can be a big disadvantage for you because you will not be able to get the great loot over there. There is a factory and a clock tower where you can get lots of weapons but the bad thing for you is, these spots are the attraction for many players and when they land over there, they directly run to grab that spot. As these spots are the attraction so you need to land a little quickly in comparison to the other players so that you can get those weapons otherwise you will lose them.   

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