Get the Aqua Rouge Bundle for Free from Rampage Fort Event in FF Max! 

There is a sort of campaign in the Free Fire Max which is known as Rampage United Event. Rampage United Event is supported by several events inside which means the participants will get the opportunity to participate in more events to win rewards. Additionally, there is an event running in the game which is offering you the Aqua Rough Bundle. The Aqua Rough Bundle can only be obtained by the Rampage Fort Event. Want to know the amazing thing about this campaign? Let me tell you that the players of FF Max will be able to grab the set which will be free.  

Get the Rampage Fort event’s Aqua Rogue Bundle 

The Rampage Fort Event was launched in the game on 17th June 2022. The Free Fire Max players have much time to participate and play in it because this event will be available in the game till 4th July 2022. This United-themed event was launched to offer the collectibles to the players for free. Now you don’t need to spend money on any in-game items including the Aqua Rogue Bundle. 

The Aqua Rouge package is the major draw, even though it includes numerous intriguing and quality gifts. The costume for the set is a stunning woman dressed in an aqua motif. If you want to move ahead in the game then collecting the Rampage points is a must. Without the Rampage points, you will not be able to win any item from the events. These points will improve the performance of your game.  

While playing the game in the clash squad mode, battle royale mode, or rampage united mode, the players of Free Fire Max will get floors to complete the missions. Completing each mission from each floor will allow you to unlock several rewards which you can see below in the list.  

1- Rampage Book on First Floor 

2- 50x Rampage Book Token on Third Floor 

3- 5x Weapon Royale Voucher on Fifth Floor 

4- 100x Rampage Book Token on Eighth Floor 

5- Aqua Rough Bundle on Tenth Floor 

Additionally, if you are fighting with the fort guards then you will get the opportunity to unlock several rewards.  

How to use the event interface for Rampage Fort?

Below, I have written the Step-by-Step guide which allows you to understand the way of reaching the Rampage Fort Event interface. Without further ado, check out the guide written below.  

Step-1 First, the players will need to open the Free Fire Max application then they will need to play in the BR mode, Clash Squad mode, or Rampage United mode to grab the points.  

Step-2 After that, you will need to click on the Rampage United event option that will show you the Rampage Fort event option on the screen.  

Step-3 Click on the Rampage Fort option then hit the explore button so that you can explore the whole area to claim the rewards.  

Step-4 At last, when you explore the areas then reach all the floors one by one. The tenth and the last floor of the campaign will serve you the Aqua Rogue Bundle as the grand prize.  

After reading this post, you will be able to claim any sort of item including the Aqua Rogue Bundle from the Rampage United Event Campaign. Collect the information from here and obtain your favorite reward now.  

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