Top 3 Free Fire MAX emotes in February 2022  

The marvelous popularity of free fire has led to the launch of Free fire MAX. The free fire MAX is the enhanced version of the original title of the royale battle game. The latest variant of free fire has improved in some terms such as the amazing graphics, the quality of the game, and some emote. Read the complete blog to know about the Top 3 Free Fire MAX emotes. 

Free Fire MAX Emotes

Emotes in Garena free fire has always been the first choice for many pro players. Emotes is the coolest option to serve an incredible gaming experience to free fire players. Through this, free fire players will be able to perform by presenting themselves with some emotions. As humans of the real world, emotions play a major part by which we use to give a sign for better understanding.   

If you have emotes in-game then you will be able to express your emotions to the other player. There are a lot of emotions that have different expressions. In this blog, we will be going to discuss the top 3 emotes of Free Fire MAX in February 2022. To update yourself with the latest information related to the free fire game, you need to read the whole blog till the end.   

Top 3 Emotes for Free fire MAX Variant  

1- Moon Flip  

You probably know that the Moon Flip emote is quite famous among the free fire players. So many players know about it because many fans saw it in the gameplay montage video of popular content creators. This emote has received a massive number of attention from free fire players. This emote will perform diagonal somersault which is an amazing flip. You need to pay 399 diamonds to the in-game store so that you can purchase Moon Flip emote.  

2- Sii!  

The developers of Garena free fire have launched this emote after the Chrono update but this emote was removed for some reason. On the arrival of Free Fire MAX, the developers reintroduced this emote in Free Fire MAX variant. You need to pay 399 diamonds if you want to purchase this Sii! Emote in Free Fire MAX.  

3- LOL  

This emote is very popular among the free fire players. There are so many free fire pro players who used this emote so many times on their YouTube video compilation. The free fire players will get to see the character will laugh while placing one hand on his stomach. When you are using this emote, you will get to see your character laughing at the opponent. The LOL is quite cool as its name. If you want to purchase this Free Fire emote then you need to pay 399 diamonds to the in-game store. Through an in-game store, the free fire players will be able to purchase their desired premium items in exchange for currency.    

These are the top 3 cool emotes of the Free Fire MAX variant that you can purchase from an in-game store in exchange for 399 diamonds for each. Read the whole blog so that you don’t need to face trouble. 

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