Free Fire MAX | How to use crystal energy in the Play BR New Rank Season?

We already went to so many Battle Royale Ranked seasons in Free Fire Max. You will be happy to know that the developers of Free Fire Max again launched another Battle Royale Ranked Season which will be the 28th Season. Are you excited? Well! Every Free Fire Max player was waiting for it and now it is in the game finally. 

Are you new to the game? If yes then you should know about the Battle Royale Ranked Season first. In simple words, the Battle Royale Ranked Season is a way by which the player of Free Fire Max can boost their ranking levels. Do you want to be one of the highest levels aimed players? Stay tuned with me to get the whole information about the new BR Rank Season Event and how to use Crystal Energy in Free Fire Max.  

Free Fire MAX offers free Crystal Energy 

The participants will also get the opportunity to avail themselves of the new event that will offer you to grab the latest in-game cosmetics. Crystal Energy is one of those demanding cosmetics. Players are mostly searching for the Crystal Energy that’s why I decided to show you the way to use it. Read below to know everything.  

The new BR Ranked Season has already started in the game and you can easily participate in it. Not only one but the participants will get the great opportunity to grab several new cosmetics. It is very important to know that the match will start with a total number of 50 players. While having the battle, you will go through so many hurdles then finally one will get the opportunity to win at last. Do you want to be the winner? It is not too late yet.  

Along with this, the match will refresh regularly and the participants will get new hurdles regularly. If you are not good at showing great skills or strategies then I will suggest you use some best in-game cosmetics from your list. The abilities of the in-game items may assist you till the end of the game.  

The newest event offering a tonne of free cosmetics has been announced by the developers. The most intriguing item on that list is Crystal Energy. It can be used by players to hide gifts on the spawn island (before getting aboard the plane). Unexpected reload goods, gold royale vouchers, or diamond royale vouchers can be found on that list. Only 10 players, though, are eligible to win the prizes. 

List of Prizes for the Play BR New Rank Season Event 

1- Get a free Crystal Energy by participating in 1 BR Rank match. 

2- Play three BR Rank games to receive a free scan. Play Card & Game Streamer Loot Crate for Weapons. 

3- To receive a free Bounty Token Play Card and Champion Boxer Weapon Loot, Crate, and play five BR Rank bouts. 

4- 20x Rampage Book Tokens when you complete 10 BR Rank matches. 

How to collect your incentives in this situation? 

Step-1 First, the players just need to open the Free Fire Max application on their device and then start playing the BR Ranked Season 28 matches.  

Step-2 If you want to proceed for more then you need to click over the calendar icon. 

Step-3 At last, you need to click on the “United Rampage” section then the New Battle Royale Ranked Season tab will open. Hit the Battle Royale Tab to open the interface of the event. After that, you will be able to claim your reward.  

So, this guide is written to serve you the information related to crystal energy in Free Fire Max. You will also get the whole information related to claiming available items from the event.  

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