What is the difference between Free Fire MAX vs Free Fire in 2022  

Garena free fire is one of the apps now that took place in the list of banned applications from the Indian server. This battle royale game has collected a massive following globally. After getting free fire banned by the Indian Government, the makers of Garena free fire are claiming that they are working over the issue so that they can launch it again. The news of the ban on Garena free fire has let free fire players disconsolate and now they are searching for alternatives to Garena free fire. Know the difference between Free Fire MAX vs Free Fire is given below.   

Free Fire MAX vs Free Fire

Many players switched their gaming platform to Garena free fire MAX because Free Fire MAX has so many similar features to their previous battle royale title. They are enjoying the enhanced version of free fire but many beginners don’t know much about free fire and they are curious to know the differences between Free Fire vs Free Fire MAX. To solve your issue related to this topic, I have prepared this blog by which you will get to know about the features of both titles that are making them different from each other.   

Differences Between Free Fire vs Free Fire MAX  

Let’s start with the major difference that any player can see while entering into the battle royale title. The big difference is the graphics that developers had used in these famous gaming applications. Developers had launched Free Fire MAX with high graphics and on the other hand, they used low graphics on the Free Fire. As Garena free fire MAX came with high graphics so that means it will need double storage into your device in comparison to the Garena free fire.   

When it comes to Garena free fire, players can download it into 500-700MB. On the other hand, the enhanced version of free fire will need more than 1.5GB in size. In comparison to the previous version of Free Fire, Free Fire MAX will consume more battery. Some free fire players already reported about it over the office page of Free Fire.   

Which Version Need More RAM?  

Well, I think several differences are appearing just because of the graphics that developers of free fire used in both versions. As you all know that better graphics will need a more advanced processor along with the GPU to work without any lag issue. Free Fire is not taking that much RAM while Free Fire MAX is consuming more CPU, GPU, and also RAM which is being an issue for many players. To you want to run your Free Fire MAX application smoothly then you will need to have a device that is supported with more than 4GB of RAM.   

If you have sufficient storage then you can play Free Fire MAX into your device without facing any issue while playing on the battlefield. Both the games have amazing settings in which you will get the sensitivity and graphics settings. You can set these settings according to their device. Most pro players recommended setting graphics setting at low and sensitivity settings on high. These settings will give you a better gaming experience on both versions.  

In the conclusion, we found that Free Fire MAX has more features and additional in-game items that Garena free fire MAX doesn’t have. Graphics is also high in Free Fire MAX in comparison to the Free Fire.   

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