Check Out BlackPink Gaming’s Free Fire ID, K/D Ratio, Stats, Rank, Real Name, and YouTube Income!  

We all know that Garena Free Fire has a huge collection of amazing content creators and collaborators. The pro players or you can call them unique content creators are like the backbone of this game. They are not only just playing the game but also representing their server globally in terms of Free Fire gameplay. Want to know everything about Free Fire Blackpink Gaming? Check out this complete guide to get every piece of information about her.

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There are so many amazing content creators in Free Fire that we should know about them but learning about all even at once will not be going to be possible. In today’s blog, I am going to share about the Blackpink content creator. Read the information about this player below.   

What is the Real Name of Blackpink?  

We all know that the pro players mostly prefer to use their own made name in the game so that they can get a unique appearance among their fellow players inside the battleground. A unique name will give you a unique identity that will allow the other players to identify you easily even in a crowd of hundreds. The real name of Blackpink is “Diya Hazarika” who is very popular in the Free Fire world as “Miss Diya”.   

What is the Free Fire ID of Miss Diya?  

The Free Fire ID of any player is always visible in numerical order with the 9 characters. If you want to search any player then you can simply enter his/her ID into the search bar then the result will have appeared on your screen. The Free Fire ID of Miss Diya is ‘558477413’.  

Miss Diya’s Stats and Ranked Stats in the following Games

Squad Games  

Miss Diya has played in 11849 squad games and has 2701 victories to her credit. She got the Kills to Death ratio of 3.34 with 30564 kills.  

She has played and completed five squad-ranking matches and earned three Booyahs. She has a kill-to-death ratio of 7.50 percent after getting 15 kills.  

Duo Games  

In the Duo Matches of Free Fire, she has defeated her opponents in 2004 of the 11568 matches. She got the kill to Death ratio of 3.06 percent with a total number of 29307 Kills.  

In the ongoing ranked season 26, she is yet to play his first dual ranking game.  

Solo Games  

She has played a total number of 6183 solo games to her belt and got the victory in 645. With 13292 kills, she has a Kills to Death ratio of 2.40 percent.  

Miss Diya has played and completed three solos ranked games thus far and has yet to win or be eliminated.  

YouTube Channel of Miss Diya (Blackpink)  

Miss Diya is popularly known as Blackpink by many players but let me tell you that the Blackpink name is not her name. The Blackpink is her YouTube channel. She has uploaded around 750 videos related to the Free Fire Games on her channel. By uploading the amazing content, she grabbed 83 million views and more than a million subscribers.   

What is the Income of Miss Diya?  

YouTube is the only source of income for Miss Diya. By YouTube, she is earning around 711 dollars to 11.4k dollars per month.   

From Blackpink’s real name to her income, I have written every single piece of information that you need to know about her. Watch her YouTube channel to know her strategies and use them in your gameplay. 

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