How can I link my Free Fire MAX account to Facebook and Google to get rewards?   

Garena Free Fire is a prominent battle royale game that is played by almost every player even across the oceans. After watching the popularity of this battle royale game, the developer decided to launch the Max version which is famous as Free Fire Max.

Free Fire Max

A few months ago, we had both versions on the Indian Server. Unfortunately, the Indian Government banned the previous version just because of some privacy issues for the users.   

Moving forward, some users want to know how to connect their Free Fire account to Facebook and Google in order to receive the same rewards as other players. Are you among them? You will not be disappointed because I will tell you everything you need to know about your inquiry.   

What are the Benefits of Linking an FF Max Account with Google or Facebook? 

1- Your Data from FF Max will be safe.  

2- You will be able to promote your FF Max gaming-related content on social media handles easily.   

3- You can grab more viewers.   

4- Even after the uninstallation of the FF Max application on your device, the data will remain safe.   

How to Link FF Max Account with Google or Facebook?  

Fortunately, linking of a Free Fire Max account with Google or Facebook is easier than you think. If you are a beginner then it will probably be a little hassle for you. I have prepared this guide by using simple and easy sentences so that beginners can also get good assistance. Want to know the steps to link your Free Fire Max account with Facebook or Google? Check out the steps that I have written below.   

Step-1 The Free Fire Max players will need to install the Free Fire Max application on their devices like Android or iOS Apple.   

Step-2 Sign in to the application and reach the lobby screen.   

Step-3 When you get inside the application then you will get to see the setting option at the top-left corner.   

Step-4 Hit the setting option.   

Step-5 When you click on the setting option then the application will take you to the other page where you will get several options over the screen of your device.   

Step-6 Find the “Bind FB or Google” option and then click on it.   

Step-7 At last, you just need to select the account that you want to attach with your FF Max account, and then you will be able to attach your FB or Google account successfully.   

These are all steps that you need to follow to attach your Google or Facebook account to your FF Max account. If you are on other servers and using the Free Fire Max version then you can use the same guide. All the functions of Free Fire and Free Fire Max are the same.   

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