Garena Free Fire Mistakes  

In the mobile battle royale genre, Garena free fire is one of the most downloaded games in the world. The short battles and immersive gameplay are making it amazing and help the free fire players to boost their game skills. Here in this blog, we will be going to talk about the top 5 Garena free fire mistakes that you need to avoid if you want to be the last standing player.  

Free Fire Mistakes

If you want to update yourself by getting the advance and amazing Garena free fire tips and tricks to be a pro player then this blog is the right place for you. As guns play a role as your best friend in the battleground, these tips and tricks will help you in keeping you ahead of your foes.   

Mistakes that Free Fire players need to Avoid  

1- Sensitivity Settings  

If you are using the custom sensitivity settings then this can make the high chances to win the match. You can use the custom sensitivity setting when you are in the free fire ranked mode to be the last standing free fire player. Many Garena free fire players mostly select the default settings whether they are playing in any mode. Let me tell you that, if you want to get a great gaming experience then you should try the sensitivity setting according to the situation. Choosing the right thing at the right time can lead you to success.   

2- Select Right Free Fire Character Combination  

After the arrival of the OB28 update of Garena free fire, free fire has got a massive collection of 39 in-game characters. If you want to get the amazing battle then you need to avoid the selection of characters by their looks. To be the last standing player, you need to select the in-game characters based on their abilities that can help you in many situations.   

3- Loot Wisely  

When you will get the opportunity to loot then don’t be in rush. If you are in rush then avoid picking all the items because this can waste your time and let your free fire foes kill you. Try to select a sufficient item so that you can move even in seconds.   

4- Don’t rush in the beginning  

If you are a beginner as free fire players and going to land on the battlefield then don’t forget to select the right free fire character along with suitable weapons. At the beginning of the match, some beginners turn their game into an aggressive playstyle and this can lead them into elimination too soon. If you are at the beginning then you need to avoid the aggressive gameplay and try to focus on strategies so that you can easily kill the foes by understanding the situation.   

5- Play with Permanent Squad  

If you want to improve the gameplay then try to play along with your permanent squad. During the match, coordination plays a vital role and can lead you to success. If you are playing with a random player then you will lack coordination and communication. Try to play with the permanent squad so that you can communicate easily and can help each other during the match.    

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