Free Fire Max: Watch & Win the Rare Items during FFWS Live Watching Rewards Event!   

People used to say that gaming was a waste of time and had no future. But now, the gaming industry become the most profitable. In today’s world, games such as battle royale titles are popular. The Garena Free Fire Max is the most popular battle royale title among those on the market. So, games are no longer merely a passing fad; they have been transformed into a source of income. Many of you have already earned it. Garena presents you with the Free Fire World Series 2022 where you may earn incredible prize money and rewards. Interesting right? So, do you want to learn more about the FFWS Live Watching Rewards event in Free Fire Max? Let’s dig in…

Free Fire Max

If we talk about the latest update then you will get to know that Garena has launched the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2022 recently. FFWS tournament has many events by which you can win exclusive rewards such as diamonds, weapons, characters, pets, skins, and much more. It is very disappointing that some players missed many events and now they are waiting to know about the best and easy event that is still running in the tournament.   

According to the choice of many players, there is an amazing event which is Free Fire Live Watching Rewards 2022 event. Read below to know everything about this event in Free Fire or Free Fire Max.   

What is Free Fire Live Watching Rewards 2022 Event in FFWS Tournament?  

Free Fire Max

The best thing about the Free Fire World Series 2022 tournament is, that this is available in both Free Fire and Free Fire Max applications. You must participate in the events that were previously launched by Garena in which he introduced the Watch and Win event. If you are an old player then you must be familiar with the Free Fire Live Watching Rewards 2022 Event. If you are a beginner then you will need to learn a few things that I will let you know in the same post.   

After the Sentosa event, the developers revealed the Free Fire Live watching rewards events or you can call it to watch to win the event. In this event, the players will just need to watch the milestone and much more, and then they will receive the rewards after completing the target of the required number of watchers by the developer.   

The Rewards to Obtain in Free Fire Live Watching Rewards 2022 Event  

Rewards to Acquire on Reaching 200,000 Viewers  

Not only one but there are a lot of in-game items to win as rewards by just watching the event for the required number of days. After completing the 200,000 viewers, the players will be able to acquire the Character Choice Crate along with one Free Character. Along with this, you will also be able to obtain the 3x Diamond Royale Voucher that is on the priority list of many pro players.   

Rewards to Acquire on Reaching 400,000 Viewers  

After reaching the 400,000 viewers, the Free Fire Max or Free Fire players will be able to acquire the Free Fire World Series Dance Emote along with the 3x Weapon Royale Voucher.   

Rewards to Acquire on Reaching 700,000 Viewers  

Reaching the 700,000 viewers will allow you to obtain more than two rewards that I have listed below. Check out the list below to know the rewards for reaching 700,000 viewers.   

1- Aurous Dragon and Room Card – Gloo Wall (1 Match)  

2- Dragon Steel and Room Card – Gloo Wall (1 Match)  

3- Ferocious Ink and Room Card – Gloo Wall (1 Match)  

Follow the Given Steps to Collect the Rewards  

Step-1 First of all, you will need to sign in to the Free Fire Max application.  

Step-2 Click on the Event Calendar icon then find out the Watch to win the event.  

Step-3 Click on the Watch to win the event.   

Step-4 Now you can click over the claim button to acquire the reward that you want to achieve.   

The Free Fire Live Watching Rewards Event is running. If you have not participated yet then hurry up and collect your favorite and rare reward.   

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