OB32 Update: 5 Best Items to Get with Diamonds in Free Fire.

Free Fire OB32 has introduced a slew of new features that will make you fall in love with Free Fire even more. You may now have even more fun with the battle royale game than before. Characters and map changes have been updated to provide an even better experience.

Free Fire OB32

Many things in Free Fire OB32 are pricey, and many players cannot buy them. If you wish to purchase those items from the gaming stores, you will have to spend diamonds. When it comes to obtaining diamonds, players must be skilled to win the game. There is a diamond generator tool that can assist you in obtaining diamonds, but it can also result in you being suspended.

Amazing Items to Acquire with Diamonds

  1. Characters 

There are many characters in the battle royale game that many players can use in the match. When the Free Fire OB32 has came, the skills of Xayne, Skyler, Maxim, and Olivia have been reworked. If you’re a free fire OB32 player, you can use diamonds to purchase these and other characters. To unlock the spectacular free-fire characters, you’ll need diamonds, which you can earn through your talents.

  1. Pets 

Pets in the Free Fire OB32 update have incredible powers and abilities that you may use in battle royale and clash squad scenarios. The OB32 update has revealed all of the skills of the new flash pets. By the time the top-up event rolls around, all of the pets will be available. Diamonds can be used to purchase fantastic pets during the top-up event. 

  1. Bundles 

If you want to change the appearance of your characters in the Free Fire OB32 update version then using bundles will be the best option. This item can purchase many costumes and accessories for their characters and pets. This item is mostly consisting of head-gear, a top, a bottom, shoes, and a mask.  

  1. Gun Skins 

There is a discount for today is going on in Garena Free Fire. In today’s offer, you will get 40% off on the gun skins. If you want gun skins then you can buy them from the game store. You just need to tap on the gun skin to acquire. You can easily claim it for 60% of the cost. The gun skin can increase the one quality of the gun by reducing the one previous quality.  

  1. Elite Pass 

Elite pass is one of the most plausible items in Royale Battle Game of Garena Free Fire by which you will get a chance to acquire many items even for cheap. You can get Elite pass in 499 diamonds and Elite Bundle in 999 diamonds.  

After the Free Fire update, these were the top five most wonderful items. You can go with these goods if you want to claim items in exchange for a Free Fire diamond. All of the goods have incredible talents and capabilities that will aid you throughout the game. Get all of these incredible items to enhance your gaming experience even further. With your skills, you may acquire diamonds and claim these goods today.

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