The Destiny Guardian XM8 Evo Gun Skin is Back in the Free Fire Faded Wheel Event! Check It Out Right Now.   

There are many premiums available in the Free Fire game that can be obtained by currency. The reason items are paid is because the developer worked a lot on every single item of the game. Every item of the game is supported with amazing abilities that can be a game-changer. Coming to the topic, the Free Fire Players will be able to know the method to obtain the Destiny Guardian XM8 Evo gun Skin. How? Let’s dig in.

Free Fire

The Destiny Guardian XM8 Evo gun Skin 

Evo Gun Skin is a premium gun in the Free Fire game that is very attractive and can be a gamechanger in any situation. You know that many situations happen often and players don’t know how to handle them. If you have the Evo Gun Skin then you will not need to grab any other sort of weapon.

Talking about the Destiny Guardian XM8, this item of Free Fire was launched by the developer in August 2021. However, this item is a little old but still popular in the gaming world in terms of best ability. If you want to know the method to obtain them then read out the whole guide below.   

Characteristics of the XM8 Destiny Guardian  

Free Fire

Over the battlefield, you will need to fight against many players that will play the role of your opponent. You all know that having a great weapon on the battlefield is a must. If you have the XM8 Destiny Guardian weapon then you don’t need to get the support of any other weapon. After the activation, this gun will release more damage because it is supported with Damage ++, Fire rate+, and also Reload Speed-.   

Free Fire

This is an MP5 gun which is prepared with a touch bird-themed and a golden touch over the body. When you are using this weapon then you will be able to release high damage over the opponents. The players will get more kills by utilizing this weapon which will allow them to boost the K/D ratio. This gun can be utilized incredibly in an aggressive battle.   

The List of the latest Prize Pool of Faded Wheel Event  

In the faded wheel event, you will be able to grab more rewards. The rewards that you obtained before will not be obtained the next time. The amazing part about this event is, that the players of Free Fire will be able to remove two unwanted items. Check out the list below to know all the available items in the Faded Wheel event of Garena Free Fire.   

  • Victory wings loot crate  
  • Destiny Guardian XM8 Token box  
  • Destiny Guardian parachute  
  • Scar-Phantom assassin  
  • Diamond royal voucher  
  • XM8- Destiny Guardian  
  • Lightning Reactor loot box  
  • Magic cube fragment  
  • Destiny lightning token  
  • Destiny Guardian Skyboard  
Diamonds you need to Get the XM8 Evo Gun Skin  

We all know that obtaining any sort of items of Free Fire or Free Fire Max will need diamonds to obtain. Similar to this, if you are going to use the spinning the wheel method then also you will need to spend the required number of diamonds. Each spin will need diamonds to spend and after that, the item will be transferred into your account. The following are the current draw diamond prices: 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and 499.  

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtain XM8 Evo Gun Skin in Free Fire  

Step-1 Open the Garena Free Fire application and then click over the Luck Royale Section.   

Step-2 Hit the faded wheel option and then remove two items from the inventory that you don’t want to keep.   

Step-3 Now you can spin the wheel for obtaining your Destiny Guardian XM8 Evo gun Skin.   

Players should keep in mind that upgrading Evo gun skins is essential to unlocking all of the talents. This procedure necessitates the use of a few thousand diamonds which is also known as virtual currency. So, before spinning in the event, double-check that you have the required number of diamonds.  

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