5 most popular Free Fire emotes as of February 2022  

Rather than the free fire gameplay, the free fire players have shown more interest in the in-game collection of the Garena Free Fire game. The free fire game has a massive collection of items. Characters, weapons, emotes, and much more. Everything is amazing about this game but Popular Emotes in Free Fire is the thing that is more unique in comparison to the other in-game items and features.   

Many pro players are using this emote feature of Garena Free Fire but many beginners don’t know much about emotes. So basically, emotes means emotions that you can use on the battlefield to express your emotions which playing.   

Popular Emotes in Free Fire

You can use the emotes in the free fire but for this, you need to have some diamonds in your gaming account. Through the diamonds, you will be able to purchase emotes from the in-game store. You can win the diamonds or many in-game rewards by participating in the events and tournaments that developers of Garena free fire keep launching every month.   

When it comes to emote in free fire, you can use the emotes for various things like for different movements and actions you can perform. There are various categories of emotes in the free fire that you need to know before using so that you know the use of suitable emotes according to the situation.   

Read about the top 5 emotes of Garena Free fire that are used mostly by the free fire players.   

1- LOL  

Through this emote, the free fire player will be able to make their character laugh. When you are using this emote then this in-game character will laugh while keeping the hand on the tummy and pointing to the left direction through the hands. This emote is considered as the most arguably emote in the list of free fire emotes by the free fire players. If you want to acquire it then you need to pay 399 diamonds to the in-game store,   

2- FFWC Throne  

When it comes to this emote, free fire players will get to see this emote that appears out of nowhere. This emote will help you out to signify dominance. If you want to acquire this emote then you need to pay 500 diamonds to the in-game store of Garena free fire.   

3- I’m Rich  

This emote will show you the unpopular scene of Money Heist in which it shows Denver falling from the large heap of cash. This emote was launched at the time of collaboration of Garena free fire with Monet Heist in 2020. Unfortunately, this emote has never returned through any event so you can’t find it.   

4- Pirate’s Flag  

In this emote, the character of free fire will take out the flag from the Pirates symbol and throw it on the ground to show aggression. If you want to purchase this emote in free fire then you can acquire it by spending 500 diamonds on the in-game store.   

5-Eat my Dust

This emote of free fire will be appearing by flaunting his Golden car by sitting on his bouncing seat.

These are some popular emotes in free fire that you can use in the free fire game to express the emotions on the battlefield.   

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