Free Fire Elite Pass Season 49 is Almost Here! Have a Look at What You Can Get!!   

The Elite Pass is on the way again and almost every single player is just curious to know everything about the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 49. Well, Elite Pass is another method to obtain exclusive rewards even for free. Utilizing the Elite Passes of Free Fire will allow you to add the very latest item to the game even in your inventory.

So, have you heard the rumors related to Free Fire Elite Pass Season 49? If yes then you are on the right platform. To know everything about the upcoming latest Elite Pass, check out this post.

Free Fire

What is Free Fire Elite Pass Season 49?  

For now, you have Free Fire World Series to enjoy but for the next month, the developers are going to launch the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 49. What is Elite Pass? Is this question bothering you? You don’t need to think more now.

In simple words, the Elite Pass is a way that will provide you the opportunity to obtain the new Free Fire items. You will get items such as free characters, skins, bundles, weapons, loot crates, vouchers, diamonds, and also much more. For the developers, the Elite Pass is the better platform to introduce the new additions to the game among the Free Fire players.   

When The Elite Pass Season 49 of Free Fire will Launch?  

Free Fire

According to the sources, the Elite Pass Season 40 of Garena FF will not be going to arrive in the current month.

Garena has announced that the Elite Pass Season 49 of Garena FF will be released on June 1, 2022.

You have only a few days left to acquire the new Elite Pass that will start after the ending of the Free Fire World Series 2022 Tournament.   

Leaked Rewards of Free Fire to Obtain by Elite Pass Season 49  

  1. Monster Truck Skull Opera will need 0 Badges to obtain  
  2. Death Theater will need 5 Badges to obtain  
  3. Pink Facade Avatar will need 10 Badges to obtain  
  4. Cyberblade Dan Outfit will need 15 badges to obtain  
  5. Cyberblade Sheng Outfit will need 40 badges to obtain  
  6. Cybersword Neon Bundle will need 50 badges to obtain  
  7. Kingfisher Knight Opera will need 80 badges to obtain  
  8. Neon Opera Skyboard will need 100 badges to obtain  
  9. SPAS12 Neon Opera will need 125 badges to obtain  
  10. Robotic Opera Loot Box will need 150 badges to obtain  
  11. Skull Opera Backpack will need 180 badges to obtain  
  12. Come and also dance emote will need 195 Badges to obtain  
  13. Cybersword Ember Bundle will need 225 badges to obtain  

Pre-order of Free Fire Elite Pass  

Purchasing the Elites Pass in Garena FF will need a required number of currencies to be purchased by the players. The most amazing part about the Elite Pass of FF is, that if you want to get it even before the date of the release then you can pre-order it.

Pre-order means obtaining the Elite Pass before launching it globally. Instead of real currency, you can spend the required number of diamonds on it if you have it in your inventory.   

These details are a must to know for every Garena FF player. Collect the diamonds even from now so that you can spend them on the day of the release of the Elite Pass Season 49 to purchase.   

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