Rampage Incubator: Release Date & All Gun Skins Leaked for Free Fire MAX (June 2022)  

The developer of the Free Fire Max is rocking on all over the globe. Players of Free Fire Max received so many rewards from the game and still, they are grabbing the latest rewards from the running events. When it comes to Garena’s games, the entertainment can never be stopped. We can see so many items in the game that can be obtained by spending money or diamonds or also for free.

Some items are very expensive that many players can never afford. Of those very expensive items, the incubators are one of the most expensive items that you will be going to see in the Rampage United Campaign. The available event to the game is known as Burning Myths incubators. Want to know everything? Scroll down a little bit and read everything that is written for you.  

The incubator that you will get from the Rampage United event Campaign will offer you four different skins of the AUG Gun. To obtain the rewards, you will need to make spins. This time, the spins will require diamonds but if you don’t have diamonds to spend then you can collect the special blueprints and evolution stones to make the spins. The special blueprints and the evolution stones can be obtained by playing the game.  

If a player doesn’t have these two important things, then they need to spend around 40 diamonds to make the first spin and 180 diamonds to make 5 spins. Have you ever heard about incubator vouchers? If you don’t have diamonds or Special blueprints and evolution stones then you can use the incubator vouchers to make the spins.  

Release Date of Rampage Incubator in Free Fire Max 

Free Fire Max

The Rampage Incubator in Free Fire Max was launched on 20 June 2022 and it is still available in the game to obtain by the players of Free Fire Max. It’s not too late to participate. If you want to obtain such exclusive gun skins then participate in the event and collect the rewards by making the spins.  

List of Rampage Incubator Gun Skins 

1- AUG – Mars Landcrusher 

2- AUG – Ventus Oceanbust 

3- AUG – Nebula Skydark 

4- AUG – Aqua Firetaming 

These all are gun skins that you can use to boost the power of the guns while having the battle with the opponents. Want to know the guide so that you can claim the reward easily? Read below to know your solution.  

Step-1 First, Free Fire Max players will need to launch the Free Fire Max application into their device. 

Step-2 Now click on the Luck Royale section.  

Step-3 Hit the incubator option. 

Step-4 Now the players will need to select the number of spins such as; one spin will cost you 40 diamonds and five spins will cost you 180 diamonds. Choosing the one option in these two is a must to proceed further.  

Step-5 The spins will not be going to give you the gun skins directly. After making the spins, the Free Fire Max players will get Special Blueprints or Evolution Stones. The Evolution Stones and the Special Blueprints will help you to exchange them for getting your favorite gun skin.  

A simple guide means a quick solution that no one wants to miss. If you are getting your solution at one platform then why look anywhere else? Read this complete guide and claim your favorite gun skins by utilizing the given information.

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