Free Fire MAX: The Burning Lily M14 is Now Available in Weapon Royale!   

Garena Free Fire Max’s developers continue to provide items and events for players throughout the game. The items and events, on the other hand, are paid for. For this problem, there is an alternative option that you can use to obtain your favorite game premiums for free. What does Garena have to offer you now? Have a look here!

Free Fire MAX

Talking about the best item of the game, players mostly prefer to use gun skins. The Gun in Free Fire Max is a kind of weapon that allows you to complete the battle with pro players also. If you are supported with the best gun skins then there will be high chances for your victory.   

The good news for the Free Fire Max players is, that Garena introduced a new gun skin to the game and that is “The Burning Lily M14”. If you are still unaware of it then you should know every piece of information related to this gun. In this blog, you will be able to know everything about The Burning Lily M14 from the method to obtain it to its pricing.

What is The Burning Lily M14 in Free Fire Max?   

Burning Lily M14

The Burning Lily M14 is a recent addition to the Free Fire Max Battle royale title. Many FF Max players are curious to know about this weapon because every item in this game has an incredible ability to assist you in any sort of combat.

Like another powerful weapon of FF Max, you can also avail of this weapon even in several situations. This is a gun that was launched in the game in May 2022 and the players will be able to obtain this weapon till the last month after the launch date.   

What is the Ability of The Burning Lily M14 Weapon?   

Each item in Free Fire Max is great, making each item in the game incredible and unique. Because each item in the game has a unique set of skills, you’ll need to evaluate the important scenario on the battlefield before selecting the appropriate item.

Coming to the Burning Lily M14 Weapon, this gun will allow you to boost the high damage and accuracy power. Along with this, this weapon will give you a lower magazine capacity while having the battle over the battlefield.   

If you want to obtain this weapon then you should know that you will need to spend the diamonds for it. If you don’t have the diamonds then you can spend the Weapon Royale Vouchers to spin the wheel in the event. In comparison to spending the diamonds, the spinning of the weapon royale vouchers will cost you less. Additionally, the single spin will require a total number of 40 diamonds each time which means the 10 spins will need 400 diamonds.   

If you don’t have the required number of diamonds then there are several methods available that you can utilize to win the diamonds. The redemption codes are the best method that you can easily utilize for obtaining the required number of diamonds. Check out the step-by-step guide to have the Burning Lily in your inventory.   

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining Burning Lily M14 weapon  

Step-1 Sign in to your Free Fire Max account.   

Step-2 Now select the luck royale option that will be appeared on the left side of the lobby screen.   

Step-3 Hit the Weapon Royale button and start spinning to try your luck for obtaining the Burning Lily M14 weapon.   

Before proceeding with the given steps, you need to remember that this method will require more diamonds. Diamonds can achieve by spending real currency or utilizing some available methods to obtain them for free. Collect the diamonds and obtain your favorite even today.       

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