Best 5 tips to hit more headshots in Garena Free Fire  

In every free fire battle royale game, headshots are known as the easiest way to get the kills in your free fire account. In this blog, we are going to tell you the most amazing 5 tips by which you will be able to get more headshots in Garena free fire.   

Free Fire Headshots

Garena free fire is the most popular royale battle game that was launched by the Garena in December 2017. This game has got a total number of 1 billion downloads in 2021 from all over the world. This free fire game consists of so many exclusive items and with an amazing in-game theme that will give the player an amazing gameplay experience. As this game is for the mobile device but now the free fire players will be able to use this on the PC also.   

To download this game into your device then you need to go for the Google play store or Apple’s app store. If you are using a PC then you can purchase this game from the well-known emulators. On the emulators, you just need to pay some amount then you will be able to avail yourself of the Garena free fire game.   

Now, the new version of Garena free fire has brought up the new Fire link technology that will allow the free fire players to play in both versions together. In this new version of free fire, the free fire player will be able to get more hits of headshots in the free fire. You just need to read all the tips to help yourself in mastering headshots.   

Tips for mastering in Free Fire Headshots  

1- Finger Layout (Custom HUD)  

Finger layout is one of the most important aspects that you can use in the BR games. You need to be well acquainted with the buttons displayed on the screen for the finger layout so that you can act quickly. Garena free fire has set the custom HUD for the free fire players so that they can play easily with as many fingers as they want.   

2- Cross-Hair placement or Aim  

If you want to connect the bullets to the target then you need to move your fingers to move the screen then you should have to place the Cross-Hair at a certain place. This will help you to get more headshots and kills in your free fire account.  

3- Sensitivity Setting For Free Fire Headshots  

If you want to master the headshots then you need more practice for that. If you want to improve the aiming, accuracy, and headshots then you need to use the sensitivity setting. Sensitivity setting allows the free fire players to get a smooth gameplay experience.   

4- Don’t Hit the moving enemies  

When you see the enemy who is moving then don’t try to target the shot on the enemy. When you are going to target the moving enemy for headshot then you probably will miss the shot and this will lead you in danger. Try to find a safe shelter so that you can kill the enemy before letting him know.   

5- Practice  

If you are a beginner or you are not good at headshots then you need to practice in the practice mode. Free fire allows the free fire players to play safely and practice well in the free fire practice mode. You can learn many skills while practicing here.   

These are some simple tips that any free fire can follow to be a master in the headshots. Through these tips, you will be able to get more kills in your gaming account.   

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