Increase your kills during the rank push in Garena Free Fire!  

Rank Push in Free Fire

Being a pro player means you will need to secure more kills in your gaming stats. if you are unable to get more kills while gameplay then you will not be able to be on the list of best players in Garena Free Fore. In this blog, we will be discussing How to Increase Kill Score during the push rank in Garena Free Fire. If you want to get your solution then you will need to stay right here because you will be going to get the amazing Top tips that will help you in boosting the K/D ratio in the push rank.  

What is K/D Ratio in Free Fire?  

The full form of the K/D ratio is the Kills to Death ratio. If you want to boost the Kills to Death ratio then you will need to have a greater number of kills in your gaming stats. Without a good score of kills, you will not be able to set the position like a pro player in Garena Free Fire. You probably will wonder to know that your whole gaming performance can be calculated with the help of your killing score. If you have participated in the push rank of Garena Free Fire and want to know the amazing tips to increase kills in push rank then check out the list of tips that I have mentioned below.  

List of Top Tips to Secure More Kills in Push Rank  

To obtain an advantage in fighting, get good gear early on  

If you landed over the drop spot then try to obtain the great loot because, without great loot, you will not be able to get an equal fight with the opponent. With great loot, you will be able to store every necessary in-game item into a gaming account that you can use while playing in the match. If you want to obtain the great loot then you will need to avoid the Hot drops because Hot drops have one spot only where you can get the loot.   

Before storming in for the kill, engage the enemy at a distance  

Before going for having a gunfight, you can use the snipers to kill the opponent from a long distance. Attacking the opponent from a long distance will give you more time to run towards the safe zone. Avoid rushing and try to play calmly. Before starting the gameplay, try to make some good strategies so that you can use them on the battlefield for the opponent amazingly. If you can make good strategies then nobody can stop you to secure more kills for the push rank in Garena Free Fire.   

During combat, use a surfboard to fast pivot  

Here is the last tip in today’s blog but it will be going to be very effective for you. While fighting with the opponent, you will need to use the surfboard. Using the surfboard will allow you to rotate quickly while being fired by the opponent. Having a good rotation by the high flip will give you the best position to make a target on the opponent.   

So, here is the list of top 3 tips that can help you in boosting the killing score while having the combat in Rank Push in Garena Free Fire.   

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Sunny Ghuman
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