How to Cross Zones Safely in Free Fire During Rank Push? 

If you want to reach amazing goals like Obtaining Booyahs and Rank Push in Garena Free Fire then you will need to have a good score of killing score and survive for a long time in the game. However, there are lot more players on the battlefield along with you, and all have the same target and that is to achieve the winning title. Sometimes, pro players also find a few things very difficult like reaching the safe zones while pushing the rank. In this blog, you will get to know the tips by which you can acquire the zone safely in Rank Push in Free Fire.   

Safe Zones in Free Fire

Whether it is a pro player or a beginner in Garena Free Fire, everyone wants to acquire the zone safely so that they can protect their selves from being killed by opponents. If you are a new user and don’t know much about this game then check out the list below of amazing tips that will let you know the methods to achieve the zone safely in Garena Free Fire.   

Tips to Achieve Free Fire Zone Safely  

1- Acquire Vehicle for Quick Travelling  

Vehicles are a great source in Garena Free Fire by which you will be able to reach from one place to another place quickly. If you feel at risk anywhere then you can pick vehicles and find out the safe zone quickly even before reaching the enemies you. With the help of vehicles in Free Fire, you will also get the opportunity to get great loot by reaching a good spot before any other player.   

2- Keep in mind that the safe zone’s time limit is dwindling  

After reaching any safe zone in Garena Free Fire, try to keep in mind that the zones in Free Fire have their time limits. If you reached the zone safely then you can check out the time simply by having a look at the player’s HUD. If you don’t want any problems then find out the next safe zone quickly and then come out from the previous zone before shrinking.   

3- Make a note of the safe zone on the map  

Making a note of the safe zone means, you will need to mark all the safe zones so that you don’t need to face hassle while searching the other spot during the gameplay in the rank push of free fire. Over the map, you will need several safe zones which means you will be able to grab the next location easily.   

4- Do not Engage with Foes in Open Ground  

Engaging with the foes even in the open ground will be risky for you. If you are very far from the safe zone then you will need to avoid the combat with the opponents. First, find out the safe zone then try to get the great loot so that you will be able to protect yourself till the end of the match.   

5- The Rotation Will Be the Better Option  

Sometimes, the players of Free Fire Find some situations sticky and they do mistakes while making a decision. If you are also facing the same issue then you will need to use the rotation trick that will be going to be very effective.     

So, these are recommendations on How to Cross Zones Safely During Rank Push & achieve Heroic Status. So, follow this strategy to improve your free-fire gaming scores.

Sunny Ghuman
Sunny Ghuman
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