How to top-up Free Fire MAX diamonds and get free, permanent rewards in India  

Countless things need free fire MAX diamonds and players also obtain diamonds for getting Name change cards, Elite passes, and much more. Free Fire MAX diamonds are known as the in-game currency that will help free fire players to purchase many premium items from the in-game store. There is gold also in free fire MAX that is working like diamonds but diamonds are using most. Free fire players can obtain diamonds easily by several methods that’s why they are the priority of many players.   

Free Fire MAX Diamonds

Free fire players mostly search for the methods by which they can obtain Free Fire MAX diamonds even without spending real currency. It is a little difficult to obtain free fire diamonds in free but you can try many methods that are available for all free fire players. Through diamonds, you will also be able to obtain some permanent free fire MAX rewards from the events. If you are a Diamonds seeker then you need to read this whole blog till the end. Through this blog, you will be able to obtain diamonds for free then you can purchase in-game rewards from the in-game store by spending those diamonds.   

Easy Guide to Top-up Free Fire MAX Diamonds and Free Permanent Rewards 

Garena is introducing top-up events regularly so that any player can win rewards to make their gaming experience better. The developers of Free Fire MAX launched a Flash Top-up event recently that brought us a new pet along with several skins that players can obtain by winning. This event is running currently and will continue till 3 march which means you have more time to obtain Free Fire MAX diamonds.   

Specifics that Players will need to Obtain Permanent Rewards  

100 Top-up diamonds to get free Flash pet  

300 Top-up diamonds to get free Pet Skin  

500 Top-up diamonds to get free Pet Skin  

You will have to spend the required number of diamonds to obtain the items that I have mentioned above with the specifics. Collect the required number of diamonds and obtain them by participating in the Flash Top-up event.   

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtain Free Diamonds and Free Permanent Rewards in February 2022  

Step-1 you will need to visit the Free Fire MAX top-up center where you will need to select the number of in-game currency that you want to purchase according to the rewards.   

Step-2 Complete the payment methods by using the given method.  

Step-3 at last, you will be able to achieve items from the top-up event into your gaming account automatically.   

What is Flash Pet Reward?  

Flash pet is considered the 20th pet that has been added to the list of available pets in Free Fire MAX. This pet is supported with the “Steel Shell” skill in the game. The skill of this pet will help the player to reduce the damages done by knives and bullets by 10 percent. You will also get 100 points for the duration of the skills of this Flash Pet in Free Fire MAX. After using the skill, this character will need 150 seconds for cooldown.   

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