Why do Most Free Fire Players Fail to Maintain a Good KD Ratio?

Join me in this blog to learn about the mistakes that Free Fire Players make to maintain a good kd ratio. Many amazing players in Garena Free Fire have amazing skills that are enough to survive. Somehow, they fail to maintain a good K/D ratio due to a silly mistake they made.

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Hello, Free Fire lovers! You’ve arrived at the Free Fire lovers blog, where you can get answers to all of your questions about Garena Free Fire. Many FF players have incredible talents. They know how to play brilliantly and survive for long. But some of the free fire players fail to maintain good kd ratio.

Therefore, in this blog, we’ll go over some of the silly mistakes that one should avoid if one wants to maintain your K/D ratio. However,  some mistakes may be avoided, while others can have an impact on your kd ratio. If you want to be the champion of BR then you must maintain it.

The mistakes that can affect kd ratio 

1- Being inexperienced in Garena Free Fire

If you are a new player in Garena Free Fire then I will suggest you get the training by playing in a training mode. Playing in a training mode can develop your skills and this can help you to be on the list of top Free Fire Players

I said this for a new player because Free Fire expands with fresh content just for the new players to join. As they upload fresh content frequently, it increases the difficulty for the new player because they are new and all beginners take time to understand the strategies.

2- Landing in the Hot landing spot

There are some hot drop zones in Garena Free Fire that all Free Fire players need to avoid. Choosing the hot drop zones is the worst option if you maintain a good kd ratio. The reason is you can’t survive for a long time if you are landing on a hot drop zone. So, if you don’t want to affect kd ratio then avoid all the hot drop zones.

3- Not being experienced with the Garena Free Fire weapons

Being experienced with the Free Fire weapons can easily take you to another level but if you are not proficient, this will lead you to get defeated. Many Free Fire players don’t want to waste their time in the training zone and this is the only reason that they are unable to maintain their kd ratio.

4- When the enemies gather at your tactic disadvantage time

When you’re experiencing troubles and attackers begin to gather, some gamers want to fight while others want to hide to survive. Hide, in my opinion, is the best option because you’ll need advantages to fight them. Some players lose the match because they don’t know where to move or what to do in that situation. Therefore, if you want to be Free Fire best player, you must be careful when you have disadvantages.

5- Playing with random players

Playing matches with random Free Fire players is not a good thing to win the match. Only good coordination and communication are important in playing with a team. Playing with the random players can take you to elimination and this can affect your kd ratio.

If you want to be on the list of Free Fire best players, you must be careful and practice in the training zone first. Getting training in the training zone can help you develop your skills. Also, you can use your techniques to maintain your kd ratio.

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