Why Some Players Can’t Get The V Badge in Free Fire and FF MAX?   

Many Garena Free Fire players have a dream to obtain the V Badge. We all know that obtaining the V Badge is very difficult nowadays. If you want to earn the V Badge in Free Fire then you will need to participate in the partner program. However, the common Free Fire players are still unable to earn this.

V Badge in Free Fire

V Badge is a symbol that will appear next to the name of the player. Most the pro players and amazing content creators are supported with this feature but many players are still unable to obtain this. Why? Read below to know everything.   

If the Garena Free Fire is unavailable on your server then you can use Garena Free Fire Max. The V Badge is available on Free Fire Max also. This guide will be going to be helpful for both Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max players because both versions have many similarities.

By using your gaming application whether it is Garena Free Fire or Garena Free Fire Max, the players will need to get access to the partner program first. With the help of the partner program, you will be able to get the opportunity of availing yourself of a V Badge.   

Why Some Players are Unable to Obtain V Badge?

To obtain the V Badge in Garena Free Fire or the enhanced version, you will need to be a part of the Partner Program. However, the Free Fire partner program is not available for all users. If you are a content creator and able to fulfill the requirements of this program then only you will be able to win the V Badge.  

V Badge in Free Fire

V badge can only be obtained by the content creators and help them to stay away from the crowd by achieving a unique appearance. If you want to know the requirements of the Garena Free Fire partner program then check out the list that I have mentioned below.   

List of Requirements for Obtaining V Badge by Partner Program  

In the given list, you will be able to know all the requirements that are necessary for applying for the V Badge in Free Fire. If you are unable to fulfill the requirements then you will not be able to join the partner program. Without further ado, have a look at the list below.

1- If you have your own YouTube channel then you should have 1,00,000 subscribers on your single channel.   

2- In your YouTube channel, you should have 80 percent of the content related to Garena Free Fire.  

3- Along with this, you will need to have around 3,00,000 views on your channel in the last month.   

4- Apart from this, Free Fire players will need to be active continuously on the social media platforms by presenting quality content related to free fire.   

5- The content that you have uploaded should be unique, new, clean, and eye-catching.   

6- If you want to obtain the V Badge then you need to follow the given instructions and also need to be a hard worker.   

7- To reach the peak of success, you will need to have a strong passion.   

If you are not a content creator then you will not be able to be a member of a Free Fire Partner Program. If you are a content creator then you need to follow the given conditions for obtaining the V Badge in Free Fire.   

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