How to win Clash Squad matches in Free Fire  

In Garena free fire, you will get so many features that are suitable for Global free fire players. There are several game modes in Garena free fire in which you can select the desired one. The Clash squad mode is among those modes. In this game mode, you will have to go into the battleground along with your squad. Free fire players will not be able to go with the whole team. You just can land on the battleground along with your squad which you will complete by 4 versus 4.   

Clash Squad

You will get ranked or unranked mode both in Clash Squad. When you are in the ranked mode of clash squad in free fire then you will be able to get the opportunity of obtaining more rewards. The unranked mode is unable to get you this facility.  

There are so many free fire players looking for the booyah to push up the rank for obtaining more rewards. Here in this blog, you will get the idea to win in the clash squad mode.  

Guide to Win Clash Squad Matches   

1- Select Best  

Your right selection can give you a great result whether you are choosing a weapon or character. Before landing into the Garena free fire battleground of clash squad mode, you need to make sure that you have the weapon according to the situation. if you are a beginner or you have not much idea then try to select G18 Pistol. G18 Pistol has a higher firing rate in comparison to the M500 gun.  

2- Choose Right Companion  

If you are going for the clash squad mode and want to get booyah then don’t play alone or with unknown players. The random team will not be able to help you in the battleground and this will lead you to elimination. Try to play along with your friends or experts to get better communication.   

3- Purchase Best Items  

If you have enough in-game currency then try to utilize it onto the right weapons that can help you in the clash squad mode of free fire. If you don’t have real currency then you can win in-game currency to purchase in-game items from events or tournaments. Participate in Garena Free Fire matches and get the opportunity to obtain premium in-game rewards for free.   

4- Target IGL  

In every game mode of free fire, there is always an in-game team leader that will be going to give the commands to the fellow team members. If you will be able to kill the leader then it will be going to be easier to defeat the other players in Clash Squad mode.   

5- Use Smoke Granade  

When you have enough currency to spare then try to purchase the smoke, Granade. You can easily purchase it from the in-game store of Garena free fire. Smoke Granade plays a vital role in the clash squad mode. You can easily obtain smoke Granade by real currency or in-game currency. You can use it in many situations and also can revive your teammate.   

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